Your guide to renting your space in Birmingham—AirBnb, VRBO and more

Now that’s a view people would pay $$$ for. (Listing by Ryan on AirBnb)

Did you know you can turn that spare bedroom in your house into extra money? With exciting concerts and the 2022 World Games coming up, demand will be higher than ever for accommodations in the Magic City. We spoke with Patrick Hurd, property manager and AirBnb host, about best practices when setting up your listing.

Screenshot 2022 02 10 at 14.38.58 Your guide to renting your space in Birmingham—AirBnb, VRBO and more
The cover photo of this charming listing by Bham is clean and attractive. (Listing by Ryan on AirBnb)

So you’ve decided to go for it. We know reading the fine print is pretty boring. But the most important step to renting your space is to make sure you’re not breaking any laws.

Some apartment buildings and jurisdictions in Birmingham have strict short-term rental laws:

“If you’re renting an apartment, the most important thing is to be upfront with your landlord about how you plan to use the space. Failure to do so exposes you and the property to so much risk.

Patrick Hurd, property manager

This varies from resort to resort, but many apartments have terms in their lease restricting short-term rentals. Be sure to double-check your lease and speak to your landlord before listing your space. If the property is damaged by a visitor, you could be in very hot water and you will likely pay more than you benefit from.

2. Market your space

Screenshot 2022 02 10 at 17.21.42 Your guide to renting your space in Birmingham—AirBnb, VRBO and more
Luxury amenities = more money in your pocket. (Listing by Utopia Suites on AirBnb)

Now that the legality is behind us, let’s get to the fun stuff. When it comes to listing your space, do some research on rental websites and you can totally list more than one. Just be sure to block out unique dates for each listing so you don’t get double booked.

According to Patrick, AirBnb, VRBO,, and even Facebook Marketplace are great websites for listing your accommodation.

To book your first visitors, you’ll want to create a perfect list, starting with, well, photos.

“Images are art. Try creating a theme with your decor and use the images to really capture the essence of that theme. Getting quality furniture makes all the difference. You can afford to increase the price of your space if you have high quality stuff.

Patrick Hurd, property manager

First impressions are everything. Choose bright, clean, well-decorated snapshots that accurately describe where the guest will be staying.

In the title, show the unique attributes of your space. Maybe you are only a 2 minute walk from Trimtab or have a view of the Bham skyline. People to like being able to walk to their favorite places without paying for an Uber.

Once you’ve verified the ~feng shui~ of your space with the photos to prove it, you’re ready to list.

3. Be smart with pricing

Screenshot 2022 02 11 at 10.30.52 AM Your guide to renting your space in Birmingham—AirBnb, VRBO and more
How charming is this brick wall? (Listing by Matthew on AirBnb)

When setting a price for your space, there are many different factors to consider. AirBnb has a very helpful guide to pricing your listing.

“You have to find a sweet spot. For some people it’s a matter of proximity to landmarks, for others it’s more convenient. How far are you from the nearest cafe? Are you close to the airport? Any area of ​​Birmingham can be a good place to stay for visitors.

Patrick Hurd, property manager

Luxurious amenities, convenience, popular events in town and more all play a part in how you should price your listing. Sounds a little intimidating, right? Well, don’t worry. There are many online tools available that will do all the math work for you. Here is a list of Floorspace with some options.

Don’t underestimate yourself, the 2022 World Games this summer will bring unprecedented numbers of out-of-towners to the city, and they’ll need a place to stay!

4. Take precautions

Imagine this: your guest comes back from the big game, his team lost and he left it on your brand new TV. While we want every guest to be gentle, responsible and careful, that’s just not realistic.

Fortunately, AirBnb offers up to $1 million in liability insurance for host protection, but it’s always a good idea to invest in landlord/tenant insurance.

Also, technology is a blessing these days. You can purchase additional security measures like video doorbells, automatic door locks, and even noise detectors to stop things before they get too rowdy.

5. Time to get the list

Screenshot 2022 02 11 to 11.08.08 AM Your guide to renting your space in Birmingham—AirBnb, VRBO and more
Stylish, clean and comfortable. (List by Max on AirBnb)

According to Patrick, there’s no better time than the present to hop on the short-term rental train.

“If you’re thinking of listing your space, you absolutely have to do it now. Many people are planning their trips and booking their spaces now, so now is the best time to list.

Patrick Hurd, property manager

Well you heard man. Take a trip to Target, go for some jazzy decor, and set up the short-term rental of your dreams. You could earn a lot of money for this.

Are you going to list your extra space? Tag us @bhamnow and let us know.

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