WWE Slammed For Booking ‘The Fiend’ Bray Wyatt At WWE Super ShowDown 2020

Former WWE Superstar EC3 expressed his disappointment while recalling WWE’s controversial decision to put the Universal Championship belt on Goldberg, after defeating Bray Wyatt at WWE Super ShowDown 2020.

He had an interview with Outlaw of the fight recently and talked about how this was the time he felt the creativity in WWE had died and something had to change one way or another. His words from the show:

“And then comes Saudi Arabia, and The Fiend had a game with Goldberg, who goes through it really fast. Wrestling is pretend, wins and losses don’t matter, but then creativity really dies for me.

He also praised Bray Wyatt for creating the Fiend character and for his out-of-this-world creativity with the red light background during his matches. And how he became the champion despite the criticism against him.

Goldberg beat The Fiend at the Saudi show after spearing him four times and finishing him off with a jackhammer in a short squash match, handing the oddball character his first loss.

Fans had taken to social media to not let him lose to Goldberg, but WWE did it anyway and it drew a lot of criticism. The Hall of Famer arrogantly responded to all of this, saying: “I am Goldberg”.

A few months after the show, EC3 was released from his WWE contract and he went on to create his own professional wrestling promotion called Control your storytellingpartnered with then-free agents Braun Strowman and Karrion Kross.

When will Bray Wyatt return to WWE?

There is no official update on whether WWE has re-signed Bray Wyatt. Several reports have claimed that the former WWE Champion will be returning to the business soon.

He was rumored to appear at Clash at the Castle earlier this month. However, his return did not take place in Cardiff.

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