Woman shocked to find hidden camera in Airbnb bathroom

An American woman was shocked to discover that her Airbnb host had left a hidden camera in her rental apartment.

Texas-based Brittany Walsh posted a video showing the centimeters wide device – about the size of a ping-pong ball – she found plugged into the wall of her vacation home.

In addition to finding a hidden camera in the living room of the vacation apartment, she also found one in the property’s bathroom.

“Someone is about to catch a felony invasive visual recording in our Airbnb bathroom,” she captioned the video, which was posted four days ago.

His video shows local police arriving to record the hidden device.

The 25-year-old teacher, who appears to have been staying in Austin at the time, offered more insight in the comments.

“It felt like a take…the camera part wasn’t obvious. We didn’t think about it for a while. »

She also explained why she called the local police.

“It’s a crime in Texas. And against Airbnb policy. It’s on their website what they do and don’t allow when it comes to cameras,” Ms. Walsh wrote.

“A person commits an offense if, without the other person’s consent and with intent to invade the other person’s privacy, the person … photographs or by videotape or other electronic means records, broadcasts or transmits a visual image of another person in a bathroom or locker room,” reads the Texas Penal Code.

While Airbnb allows landlord cameras in rental properties under certain circumstances, they must be clearly disclosed and appear in common areas — essentially, not the bathroom.

“To help provide hosts and guests with peace of mind, security measures, such as security cameras and noise monitoring devices, are permitted as long as they are clearly disclosed in the property description. advertise and do not invade another person’s privacy. The Device Rules apply to all cameras, recording devices, smart devices, and surveillance devices,” reads the platform’s policy. home sharing.

Some followers have reported similar scary experiences when renting apartments.

“I literally changed my clothes in a dark closet at Airbnb the only time I stayed in a cause of this,” Kylie Boling wrote.

“The one in Alaska where I stayed had one in the [living room] which was next to the hot tub. I didn’t know it and my whole family changed there,” wrote a user named Trish.

“I clean rental cabins in the Gatlinburg, TN area. There are cameras all over these cabins where they’re not supposed to be! added Tiffany Shepherd.

“Airbnb strictly prohibits ‘hidden cameras’ and recording devices of any kind in private spaces such as bathrooms and bedrooms,” a company spokesperson said. Newsweek.

“We take this allegation very seriously and our dedicated security team is investigating it thoroughly.”

An Airbnb spokesperson said, “Airbnb strictly prohibits ‘hidden cameras’ and recording devices of any kind in private spaces such as bathrooms and bedrooms. We take this allegation very seriously. and our dedicated security team is conducting a thorough investigation.

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