Why independent commissioning management is important for your construction projects


Commtech Asia plays a critical role in creating high performance, energy efficient and sustainable built environments for owners, developers and occupants who demand forward thinking solutions, unbiased results and absolute system resilience.

Operating in 12 countries across APAC, we provide independent commissioning management and integrated project solutions for complex, critical and large-scale buildings and spaces. Our employees are specialist engineers with multidisciplinary expertise and unparalleled experience, driven by a vision to unlock the full potential of built environments.

Whether delivering a mission-critical data center, high-tech trading room, mixed-use business development, or multi-million integrated complex, Commtech Asia helps customers achieve the best quality and performance. , thus reducing risks, costs and the overall impact on the environment throughout its life cycle.

Basic services

Commissioning management

Commissioning management is a quality assurance process that ensures that building service systems operate and integrate optimally to meet defined goals and owner requirements.

Retro commissioning

Retro commissioning is the application of the commissioning process to existing buildings. By following a systematic site planning and investigation process, Commtech Asia can determine the optimal implementation plan to achieve both effective systems integration and improved environmental conditions.

Environmental commissioning

Acting as the environmental commissioning authority, our robust process approach helps companies set and achieve industry-leading sustainability benchmarks and green building benchmarks that give them real long-term value.

Integrated project solutions

Large-scale mixed-use developments and integrated resorts are highly complex, long-term projects with multi-phase occupations that are highly dependent on timely completion and manageable operating conditions to maximize return on. investment. Commtech Asia dramatically reduces the risk of delivering major projects, prevents costly mistakes and accelerates time to market with greater peace of mind and higher quality results.

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