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Airbnb is suspending Maksym Bidnychenko’s account, but won’t tell him why. Now he won’t even answer her. Is there a way to restore his account?

Q: I had to leave Russia because of my Ukrainian nationality when the war broke out. After that I had to travel from Turkey to Georgia and stay in an Airbnb. But Airbnb asked me to confirm my identity, then they suspended my account.

I had no history with Airbnb. I’ve only stayed at an Airbnb once, as someone else’s guest. Tried to contact Airbnb support on Twitter. A representative promised to forward my request to the correct department.

After a few hours, I received their standard “we’re blocking you, bye” email.

Then Airbnb ignored me on Twitter

I would like to know why they froze my account. I also want my account unlocked. Can you help me? — Maksym Bidnychenko, Lviv, Ukraine

A: I’m so sorry to hear about your account suspension. I can’t even imagine what it’s like to have your country invaded. But then also deactivate your Airbnb account – it just adds insult to injury.

Earlier this year, when Russia invaded Ukraine, Airbnb decided to stop doing business in Russia. It also suspended all Russian accounts. How did he know if you have a Russian account? When it sees the country code +7 on your phone number, Airbnb assumes it is a Russian account and is automatically suspended.

I have reviewed the emails you received from Airbnb regarding the deletion of your account. The advice was vague and arbitrary. “We want to assure you that we have carefully considered the situation before making such a decision,” Airbnb said. “Further questions on this call will not be considered.”

I think Airbnb should have explained why they closed your account. Instead, he just stopped talking to you.

To get Airbnb talking again, you can call on one of the executives I list on my consumer advocacy site.

I wondered about your first Airbnb stay. It looks like you stayed at the property, but someone else used their account to book and pay for the rental. Has anyone else deactivated their account as well? And if so, why ?

But it looks like Airbnb took no action against your friend.

So what happened? As I delved into your case, I realized the answer was staring at you. Since you lived in Russia, your phone number started with +7. Airbnb banned you because they thought you were Russian. Ironically, you are Ukrainian.

I contacted Airbnb on your behalf. The company responded to you almost immediately. “We apologize for the inconvenience caused,” the company said. “Your account has been restored and you can use Airbnb normally.”

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