West Bridgford Recycling Center reservation system cost council £ 200,000

The reservation system used to limit numbers at the West Bridgford recycling center during the pandemic has cost Nottinghamshire County Council hundreds of thousands of pounds, documents show.

Committee documents have revealed that the authority’s waste department forecast an overrun of £ 556,000 for the current fiscal year.

Its private financing initiative (PFI) contract with operator Veolia accounts for the majority of this overrun to the tune of £ 319,000.

Documents show this is in part the result of £ 200,000 of ‘additional contract costs’ with Veolia to implement the reservation system at the West Bridgford site.

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This is higher than the figure of £ 150,000 previously reported by the council in August.

The reservation system was put in place last year to reduce the number of people using the center at the same time, with traffic and congestion issues affecting the Rugby Road site.

The council has implemented traffic management at all recycling centers in the county, but chose to only introduce the reservation system in West Bridgford.

Documents show £ 60,000 has been spent on additional traffic measures at all other recycling centers.

WEST BRIDGFORD Recycling Center
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However, in October, the authority confirmed that it was shutting down the reservation system from November 1, with many city services returning to “almost normal”.

Visitors can now use the Rushcliffe site without making an appointment, with all recycling centers in the county currently operating during winter opening hours.

The figures will be presented to the Committee on Transport and the Environment at its meeting in January.

Commenting in October, Councilor Neil Clarke, Chairman of the Transport and Environment Committee, previously said: “The online reservation system for West Bridgford was introduced as a temporary measure to ensure the safety of residents and staff on place during the pandemic.

“The system allowed us to manage the number of people on site at all times and the traffic queues generated on the highway.

“I encourage residents to continue to use the site responsibly; visit during quieter times if possible – weekends tend to be the busiest – and do not queue on the freeway and block access to adjacent roads for other road users and pedestrians .

The January 5 meeting will hear, however, that the overall committee budget is expected to be under-spent by £ 331,000.

Other departments, including motorways and transport, have estimated under-spending of £ 451,000 and £ 582,000 respectively in their budgets.

The conservation team are expected to spend more than £ 146,000 due to “increased planned maintenance” to keep authority sites safe and accessible, documents add.

The underutilization of the motorways team relates to £ 250,000 in additional income and an additional £ 201,000 in savings on staff costs.

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