US-Europe H1 flight bookings up 250% from 2021

The data that shows the scale of the airline boom continues to pour in. The latest figures from show a significant increase in bookings from the United States to Europe and an increase in their average value as well.

Good start

The number of travelers traveling from the United States to Europe has increased by 250% in the first six months of this year compared to the same period in 2021, this global travel service provider has revealed.

There are several reasons for this. First, the US dollar has had an incredibly strong year so far, making travel to Europe much cheaper for US residents. The removal of covid-related travel restrictions, and in particular the testing requirement, has also boosted consumer confidence as it becomes easier to make travel arrangements with greater certainty.


Particularly striking is the massive 678% increase in searches for flights between the US and UK for January-June 2022 compared to January-June 2021. A 614% increase in searches for flights between the United States and Spain, followed by a 577% increase in flights to Italy and 491% for flights to France.

Flights from the United States to the United Kingdom increased the most because the United Kingdom remained closed for travel the longest. Photo: Getty Images

On the other side of the pond

The travel supplier also revealed that the volume of actual bookings increased by 246% for flights from the United States to European countries, with the United Kingdom, Spain, Italy, France and Germany being the most frequented.

Naturally, one cannot extrapolate from the volume of flight searches and flight bookings with this particular travel provider that it was the same across the board. Yet the numbers indicate an increase in interest.

Rich Sun, Group General Manager for the Americas, said:

“Transatlantic travel is well and truly back, and London is clearly once again the most popular destination for American travellers. Analysis of the latest data from showed a significant increase in travel demand, not only to the UK but also to other major European capitals, with Paris and Madrid proving almost as popular. The massive 246% increase in inbound transatlantic bookings from the US to Europe is proof, if it were needed, that consumer confidence has once again returned to the market. We believe that the increased value of the strong US dollar against the weaker euro and the decline in the value of the pound sterling means that American travelers have much more purchasing power in Europe, which has helped to mark the return of the continent as a major destination for the American market.

New York to London was the most popular route for American travelers, followed by Los Angeles to Paris, then Los Angeles to London.

Perhaps most interestingly, the average booking value increased by 37%.

The average value of flight bookings increased by 37%. Photo: Getty Images

The boom started last year

It is clear that the removal of travel restrictions is the main reason for this boom in interest. Bookings in the United States for flights to Europe increased by 162% between July and August 2021, a period of travel liberalization. July was when Europe started to fully open up, and in late November the Omicron variant of covid-19 saw travel restrictions lifted.

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