Understanding the pandemic stress level in Singapore


SINGAPORE, August 2, 2021 / PRNewswire / – To better understand how stress is affecting Singaporeans during the pandemic, Traveloka conducted the Traveloka 2021 Wellness Survey with Singaporean respondents, covering all regions of the island, race, occupation and gender.

Stress is an inevitable part of our life. And when add a pandemic to the mix, as stress can become a pervasive part of everyday life. However, stress isn’t always bad – it can be a motivator as it helps us adapt to challenges, hone our problem-solving skills, and build our self-confidence. Indeed, enjoy a break, take a good dose of personal care and stress management to have never been more important to help us cope with everyday life overwhelmed routines.

Based on the study, over 60% of respondents noted that their stress levels increased after the pandemic, with western residents taking the top spot with almost 70% increased stress levels during the pandemic. . We dug deeper to better understand what the reasons were that increased stress levels for Singaporeans. The result showed that the top 3 reasons for stress in men were caused by financial stability (51%), longer working hours (44%) and limited mobility (44%). While for women, the top 3 reasons for stress were triggered by limited mobility (45%), longer working hours (43%) and health risks (42%).

To see the level of urgency on how our respondents would need to take a break, over 42% saying that they urgently need a break at the first opportunity.

It is therefore not surprising that the demand for stays in Singapore has increased significantly with 78% of our respondents indicating their interest in resting by staying in a hotel or resort with more than 3 days off to relax. While 53% of those surveyed also declared their desire to have fun at attractions and 45% of those surveyed looking for adventurous sightseeing.

Take a break with Traveloka

Alignment with his engagement as a lifestyle superapplication, Traveloka takes knowledge of this situation as the client mental health and well-being who are essential for the company. This has become of the company cornerstone by offering a myriad of stay options that not only help relieve stress, but also provide extensive options to suit individual needs.

Under the aegis of #BreakawaywithTraveloka campaign, Traveloka encourages Singaporeans to treat themselves to a well-deserved and inclusive vacation package, plan the perfect weekend, and spend quality time with loved ones. A getaway without ever having to leave the country.

Users can enter the #BreakawaywithTraveloka Instagram contest and have a chance to win a free 3D2N stay at a 5 star hotel as well as vouchers for attractions such as SEA Aquarium, Madame Tussauds Singapore or enjoy that of Singapore seen from a cable car valid for them and their loved one. Not only for those who win the contest, but everyone who takes part will deserve to get vouchers for hotels and attractions if they submit proof of entry worth up to 100 SGD for hotels and up to 40 SGD for attractions.

#BreakawaywithTraveloka contest on social networks

Wondering how to get all the benefits users can join the competition by sharing this they or they i hope to take a break from their social media page, be it work, the confines of your home or just life in general.

here’s how users can participate:

  • Follow @travelokasg on Instagram, please make sure the the account is not private and defined as public
  • Create an article on their Instagram page with the template provided by Traveloka on the Instagram page @travelokasg and use the hashtag #BreakawayWithTraveloka
  • Tag @travelokasg in the caption / photo as well as one of the their friends
  • Keep the position for the duration of the competition (August 2 – September 2, 2021)
  • After posting, submit user details including name, email, IG username and position the link in the Google form provided on Traveloka’s Instagram page to receive attractions and hotel vouchers. You will not be eligible for the vouchers and will win the prize if you do not submit proof of post in the Google Form.

    Three of the best answers will win the correct staycation and attractions. The winners will be announced on September 3, 2021.

    The travel industry has taken a hit over the past 2 years as the Covid-19 situation develops. With initiatives like this, Traveloka is not only able to support his clients in their quest for wellness and personal care, but can offer support to local tourism partners and hotels that have so much to offer.

    With international pleasure travel still not possible for many, alternatives such as vacations or even day vacations have become the norm. And with the Traveloka app and his the partners, people can organize and buy amazing experiences with the push of a few buttons.

    Download the Traveloka app now and create your dream getaway.

    About Traveloka

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