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Running in shorts or walking around in underwear is a matter of choice

This Saturday, I will deal with two unrelated incidents – both connected by a bathroom – that are only positive and exhilarating, but which have received an entirely negative turn from the cynical press and increasingly intolerant social media.

The first incident concerns the leader of Janata Dal (United) and MP for Bihar, Gopal Mandal. It was reported that he was seen “wandering around in his underwear” while traveling in the first class AC compartment of the Tejas Rajdhani Express, as a result of which the co-passengers objected to the “behavior. ” of the chief. (Mandal’s defense that he needed to use the bathroom urgently because of which he removed his kurta-pyjama has fallen on deaf ears.)

What’s so terrible about what he did is forgive the idiom choice, get everyone’s choice komanams in a twist? What did he do that Milind Soman doesn’t do every week? Why is it okay for Soman to run in scenic places, probably singing?Made In India, Made In India ‘, and post his rearguard action on social media to a standing ovation from a grateful audience while Mandal, clad in a respectable jacket and drawers with nada, is accused of being vulgar, uncontrollable and making a noise?

What about topless uncles we are subjected to from time to time? Appearing at weddings and other family ceremonies, baring their Dunlop dads with impunity to the unsuspecting public? Do any of these men warn passers-by or guests that they are going to be treated with a Mylaporeenne version of a red Mill? No sir. How come Gopal Mandal is a vulgar and mean man.

Stop being so hypocritical. So soft, moms, and certain melas can do this regardless of the world, just like a Mandal.

The next incident I want to talk about concerns a certain Mr. Murli Kamat of Andheri, who occupied two hotel rooms for a period of eight months and “fled” without paying the 25 lakh bill he had accumulated. Through the bathroom window.

What a villain! How could he? This is how the incident is reported in all the newspapers. And social media has also been needlessly cruel, in my opinion.

Why is it twisted into something evil and cunning when all I can see is good?

By not paying 25 lakh, Kamat saved around 5,200 per day, good money that can be used for many better uses, like building infrastructure, setting up a pakora dropping out, etc. It’s a lesson in financial planning. If Kamat had stayed in a 5 star hotel, he would have saved 10,000 euros per day.

Please note that Kamat used the bathroom window to exit. What does this prove? That he is slim and agile. Which can only mean one thing. He is a yoga practitioner.

That the gentleman gave eight months of non-stop activity to the struggling hospitality sector during the lockdown cannot be ignored. He boosted the morale of the waiters, housekeeping staff etc by being a constant and reassuring presence in their lives.

What is most important, however, is how he got away. Quietly, humbly, in the middle of the night. He did not ask for a farewell party, return of gifts or that the room be named “The Murli Kamat Suite”. Such modesty can only come with yoga and following our ancient culture.

Murli Kamat is a true patriot.

I name it for the Mehul Choksi Engirundaalum Vaazhga Award for 2021. And Gopal Mandal for a feature film cover in GQ on body positivity.

Krishna Shastri Devulapalli is a satirist. He has written four books and edited an anthology.

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