TikToker receives ‘insane’ Airbnb bill after ‘friend’ uses name to book

A viral TikToker says she was charged what viewers describe as “insane” charges for damages after booking an Airbnb for her friend. After that, her friend might not be her friend anymore.

User @ egooorls69 shared a screenshot of the additional bill, which totaled $ 6,864, “for damage potentially caused during your stay”.

TikTok garnered around 1.4 million views and nearly 50,000 likes on Friday. Viewers were just as shocked as the creator of TikTok.

“That’s why I’m not helping anyone,” one viewer commented on the video.

“That’s why I will never do it again lol,” the creator replied to the comment.

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One viewer said the creator of TikTok should make her so-called friend pay the damages: “Girl if you don’t make them pay for this.”

But according to the creator, the friend could be in jail now.

Several viewers wondered what the friend could have done to rack up nearly $ 7,000 in damage fees, so the creator shared a series of photos that were sent to him by the Airbnb owner.

Apparently the friend staying in the Airbnb threw one of the sofa cushions on the fire, leaving a large burnt hole in the corner. They also have ashes everywhere and let their dog do his business anywhere. On top of that, they signed the name of the creator of TikTok on the guest list.

“Yeah, so it’s quite a good time,” TikToker said dryly.

On the bright side, the Airbnb owner was “very kind” about it all, the TikToker said.

“She kind of figured out that I praised it for someone else, and I didn’t,” she said. “But still a super shitty situation.”

Based on the footage shared by TikToker, viewers couldn’t understand how the damage could realistically reach $ 6,864.

“It’s not worth 7k of damage, maybe 1k,” one viewer commented.

Another user said, “Baby, this couch is from 1985, it’s worth $ 75.”

But a few viewers pointed out that while the actual damage wouldn’t cost that much to replace, the Airbnb owner still had to make up for lost income while he repaired or replaced the damaged items.

“The damage charges may be higher as it will lose reservations when it needs to be repaired,” one person wrote.

Regardless, other TikTok viewers insisted the damage charges were still too high, adding that this was the reason homeowners were getting insurance.

“Girl, that’s why the host has an insurance policy. I work in insurance and we write for Airbnb rentals all the time. Fight this, ”one commented.

Neither TikTok user @ egooorls69 nor Airbnb responded to the Daily Dot’s request for comment.

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* First published: December 24, 2021, 11:58 a.m. CST

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