This Ontario Airbnb is actually haunted and guests have reported being ‘hidden at night’

You might be joined by uninvited guests while staying at this Ontario Airbnb. The haunted house is a rental located in Penetanguishene and, as the name suggests, it is inhabited by more than humans.

The 1885 Victorian house has eight different apartments, two of which are available for rent on Airbnb. According to the host, the house has become a popular place to stay for psychics due to the paranormal activities that take place there.

The <a class=Airbnb haunted house.” class=”rm-shortcode rm-lazyloadable-image” data-rm-shortcode-id=”35408792ba0274b532862f04a7c16b9c” data-rm-shortcode-name=”rebelmouse-image” data-runner-src=”″ height=”1192″ id=”6773a” lazy-loadable=”true” data-src=”data:image/svg+xml,%3Csvg xmlns=’’ viewBox=’0 0 1756 1192’%3E%3C/svg%3E” width=”1756″/>The Airbnb haunted house.Brenda | Airbnb

Guests have reported a long list of strange occurrences, from having their bedspreads ripped off to missing items. Some even felt like they were stuck to the bed and others said their feet had been touched.

Other strange occurrences include the opening of drawers, the sound of footsteps, fans turning on by themselves, and the sounds of children running and playing.

Living room with brown curtains and gray sofas. Brenda | Airbnb

Many paranormal sightings have occurred in Apartment 301. Visitors have reported seeing a woman walking around who is “quite vocal”. The host, Brenda, believes this woman to be Mary, one of the daughters of the man who originally lived in the house.

Bedroom with a mannequin in a dress. Bedroom with a mannequin in a dress. Brenda | Airbnb

Other sightings in this apartment include a little boy hiding in the closet. As for the “scariest” event, sometimes the master bedroom door can be in the opposite position it was left in before bedtime (open or closed). The door handle may also vibrate at times, as if someone is trying to enter, and you may even see it shaking.

Corridor with a spinning wheel.Corridor with a spinning wheel.Brenda | Airbnb

Apartment 302 has its own scary stories. Brenda remembers that on her first Christmas at home, she was putting up a garland when the sound of footsteps and the slamming of a door caught her attention. Nobody was home, and the next time it happened, it was even closer to her. After leaving and returning to the place, the sound happened right next to her, and she “never decorated the night again.”

Bedroom with a pink chair and a wooden chest of drawers. Bedroom with a pink chair and a wooden chest of drawers. Brenda | Airbnb

If you’re feeling brave, you can book a stay at this haunted place starting at $140 per night.

The haunted house

Doll dressed in white with a pram.

Brenda | Airbnb



Neighbourhood: Penetanguishene, ON

Why you need to go: You might be staying with real ghosts at this haunted Airbnb in Ontario.

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