“They were pissed off booking” Konnan equates AEW to WCW

Wrestling fans have to defer to Konnan — he’s not known for holding his tongue. Whether he works in WCW, TNA/Impact, AAA, MLW, or even the occasional appearance in AEW, Konnan has always “kept it 100” to the point that his podcast is literally named “

Although the opening didn’t always make Konnan the most popular wrestling personality, as he feuded with everyone from Cien Caras to TNA, Konnan remained a sought-after personality with artists still looking to join a iteration of his LAX stable, from Homicide and Hernandez, to Santana and Ortiz, and eventually the trio of Danny Limelight, Slice Boogie and Dr. Julius Smokes in MLW.

So, with Konnan’s hand firmly on the pulse of the pro wrestling world and his relationships with more than a few artists in AEW’s locker room deeply rooted, when deciding whether or not Tony’s locker room artists Khan are “pissed with their booking,” specifically in response to Bobby Fish’s comments about how he would “go to war for him seven days a week” for Paul “Triple H” Levesque in WWE, fans will listen to. They will go over every word he said on “K100” and try to figure out how the truth behind his words.

Fortunately, Michael Schrute of Wrestling Newsmade the effort to transcribe what Konnan had to say, which you can read below.

“I’ve said it a million times. I do not hesitate to repeat it. I love Tony Khan. I love talking to Tony because he likes the same things I do, football, college basketball, not a lot of people like college basketball, him, college football, you know, wrestling. We like the same movies, comedies, he has a very good sense of humor. I try not to tell him too much about his business and I don’t want him to think I’m trying to fish for a job.

“But I can tell you this, brother. The last times I went there, I remember one day, and I won’t even say who the wrestler was, a really good friend of mine, I was backstage at AEW. It was probably a year ago and there were a lot of WWE guys coming in, a lot of new people coming in, and it was the first time the originals were put aside. Because you can imagine how people like Sonny Kiss and Joey Janella and all these other guys who were there at the start and you don’t really see them much anymore feel when all these other people come along. But it was going to happen. When you get bigger fish, you will use them. He asked me, ‘Was WCW like that?’ I said, ‘That’s exactly how WCW started to become’, and he said, ‘Oh (beep)’.

“Then the last time I was there bro, you have no idea how many people came to see me and they were pissed off about the booking. They weren’t happy with the way they were being used. They were very, very loud about it. It’s kind of funny because our boy, I don’t think he gives (beep), in front of everyone in the restaurant business, he came over and he said “Yeah, thank goodness Konnan is here. Maybe they’ll use someone who knows how to book logically. I was like, ‘Bro, ixnay that. I’m not here looking for a job.’ So yes, people are starting to talk.

Oof, a lot to unpack there.

Konnan’s AEW-WCW roster isn’t as concerning as his information.

Non-AEW fans have been derogatory calling TK’s company WCW 2.0 for years now. They point to a reliance on ex-WWE guys, organically grown performers who disappear for weeks, months, or even years at a time, and an overly bloated roster that sees the promoter pay big bucks. former champions to hang out in the restaurant while they are called. released in the center of the ring by CM Punk.

Luckily or not, AEW will probably never overcome the WCW comparisons of fans wanting to make trouble, but that’s really no big deal.

What is, however, a big problem is the fact that artists continue to have problems with their reservations, as everyone from Miro to Andrade and even Proud & Powerful have expressed their displeasure with of his reservation within Khan’s company. While some will wonder if any of the aforementioned acts were the ones who contacted Konnan about their issues, with Santana and Ortiz being the obvious guess given their LAX connection, it’s hard to imagine “El Comandante” talking. problems that have been resolved. , so it’s safe to say unless the “talent meeting at Dynamite” magically fixed everyone’s problems, Khan might still have some work to do.

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