The original Scream House can now be rented on Airbnb


The original home from the first Scream movie is available for rent through Airbnb as part of a limited-time campaign to promote the franchise ahead of the sequel.

The original house used in the final act of Wes Craven’s hit slasher in 1996 Scream can now be rented as accommodation on Airbnb. Although the franchise has produced three sequels to date, with a fourth scheduled to arrive next January, the house of the first film has not made any repeat appearances on the series. However, Scream fans would love the opportunity to spend a night at the location where the identity of the Ghostface killers was first revealed.

As well as playing a major role in rejuvenating the teen slasher genre for a new generation of horror fans, Scream also managed to recover aspects of horror cinema that had long since become clichés. The teenage victim, home alone and pursued by a seemingly ubiquitous masked killer, determined to kill as many teenagers as possible, and of course, the house party in which everyone who says I’ll be back never come back. The film is a love letter to all the ridiculous and improbable horror concepts and as the series grew, its possibilities of when and where Ghostface might strike too. Yet after all these years and aftermath, many Scream fans will say it’s hard to find a better place for terrorism than Stu Macher’s parents’ house in the first Scream movie.

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Now, thanks to Airbnb, this exact home is available for Scream fans to spend the night. Officially listed on the popular hosting site since October 12, longtime cast member David Arquette will host the rental as his Scream character, Sheriff Dewey Riley. Arquette recently took the time to promote the house through his personal Instagram account, which can be booked by up to four guests for three separate vacancies on October 27, 29 and

Home check-in is handled virtually with a welcome message from Sheriff Dewey. On top of that, lucky guests will receive VHS copies of the four Scream movies, a dedicated phone line for those brave enough to try and reach Ghostface, a kitchen full of 1990s snacks like Jiffy Pop and Reddi-whip, and the chance to bring home Scream memories – although currently, exactly how this process works has not been explained. The list also hints at the possibility that guests may receive a call from Ghostface at some point during their stay. Fans will recall that the house garage is where Dewey’s sister Tatum (Rose McGowan) met her unfortunate disappearance, and it’s just one of the many key filming locations the house has to offer. To chew. Scream faithful.

It is also important to point out that despite the Scream with the franchise being popular around the world, the Airbnb listing is only available to those currently residing in the United States. Aside from this bad news, a stay at home would be a night to remember for any Scream fan, and there’s really no better way to prepare for the next fifth Scream film than spending a night where it all began 25 years ago.

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