The Maker Hotel: Hudson, New York’s Best Hotel for Creatives


Glazman’s dedication to good lighting extends to areas you wouldn’t expect, like the Manufacturers’ gymnasium, a facility for hotel guests that is also open to the public through memberships. Vintage sconces, repurposed from a Polish bank in the 1970s, look like curled biceps. They illuminate equipment that is both ultra-modern and retro: a pommel horse from 1910, gymnastic rings from the 1940s, a speed ball from the 1930s for boxing. The hall looks like a cross between the Moulin Rouge and the Ringling brothers (if you want to try your hand at circus arts, there are also silk ropes for that).

And for more gaming, Rotherberg and Glazman have included their own Maker Room hidden in the hotel. The fragrance library, hidden away and open only to guests, features 120 of the more than 500 fragrances they’ve collected over the years, including some from their own brand. “Every scent has a story,” says Glazman. “I create all the fragrances and products for Fresh. So it was very important for me to have a dedicated space for this, so that the guests could explore and experience it the same way I did. “

Drop in, sniff and pick a scent before a night out on the town. Maybe even try a whole new personality. “That was the idea,” says Glazman. “To explore something different.”

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