The Ascension and 9 other WWE tag teams ruined by poor booking

WWE has never been consistent in creating star players for the tag team division. Each wrestler will see a handful of teams break out to become all-time greats for the company. However, there are many more flops for each success story. Vince McMahon has a reputation for not being so keen on pushing tag teams because he wants bigger solo stars.

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The NXT Called Ascension is just one story that made fans start to realize how flawed tag team booking can be in WWE. Many other teams have suffered the same fate by being unable to fulfill their potential on the biggest stage. WWE has ruined the following talented tag teams that have been ruined by poor booking.

ten The Ascension

Many fans and wrestling pundits thought The Ascension would be WWE’s next tag team when called upon. NXT pushed The Ascension as their first major tag team success by dominating the NXT Tag Team Championship picture before being called out.

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WWE did them a disservice with a horrible booking early on, embarrassed by the captions. Ascension showing little respect for the old names would see them return and destroy them. Nothing could solve the problems created there before they fell off the map and were finally released.

9 Lance Cade and Trevor Murdoch

Lance Cade and Trevor Murdoch’s duet featured two singles wrestlers paired up and forming chemistry in development. Both Murdoch and Cade hoped this tag run would be their big chance to stay on the main roster for good.

WWE pushed them by winning the World Tag Team Championship three times, but the entire tag team division was badly booked in that time. Cade and Murdoch didn’t have many standout moments and parted ways quicker than expected.


8 The Viking Adventurers

WWE’s signing of the Viking Raiders to the independent circuit generated a lot of hype for them to join NXT. The development period went well and made them look like the best tag team waiting to be called upon.

Unfortunately, the main roster run was a huge disappointment due to a lack of success. WWE placed the Viking Raiders in a few short-term programs, but there was no character development beyond unnecessary name changes. The Viking Raiders are still hoping for that moment to erupt today.

seven The Basham Brothers

WWE considered the Basham Brothers to be two of their top developmental talents. Doug and Danny weren’t related in real life, but they played brothers in WWE due to their similar appearance. Several stints provided them with the wrong gadgets to succeed.

The original act featured the Basham Brothers debuting Shaniqua with a dominatrix gimmick. WWE fans had no idea what to make of it, and the thing ended after a few months. JBL led his Cabinet faction with the Bashams’ membership, but they had no storylines or character traits beyond being his lackeys.

6 The Riott Squad

The Riott Squad seemed like the perfect set of wrestlers to help make the Women’s Tag Team Championship image a success when the belts were created. Liv Morgan and Sarah Logan have always worked well together, but they haven’t been given any direction in the tag division.

Fans got excited when Liv and Ruby Riott reunited in 2019 until the same story happened again. WWE did a good job bringing the group together, but they were horribly reserved in their tag matches with no chance of winning any big matches.

5 The Hart Dynasty

WWE had high hopes for the trio of David Hart Smith, Tyson Kidd and Natalya as Hart Dynasty. The concept was obviously promising since it was part of their history as the next generation of the legendary Hart family.

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Bret Hart even appeared with them a few times when he returned to the company. WWE gave Smith and Kidd big wins in the tag division, but they were never effectively booked once they won gold. The Hart dynasty never had the chance to develop their own identity before they went their separate ways.

4 American Alpha

Many fans and even wrestlers felt that American Alpha could become the next legendary team after their move to NXT. Jason Jordan and Chad Gable worked together perfectly for some outstanding matches and fun segments together.

The call featured a slower-than-expected rise, but they won the Smackdown Tag Team Championship in a big moment. WWE sadly booked them terribly afterwards with few matches to have any history. Vince McMahon even broke them up prematurely because he felt Jordan had more singles potential.

3 Resistance

The Ruthless Aggression era has seen WWE add a lot of young talent to the roster. René Duprée and Sylvan Grenier each got a lot of hype for their work together. The two young hopefuls looked good at the start of the Le Resistance tag team.

WWE going the anti-American route was lazy for the France team gimmick, but it helped them get some heat. La Resistance’s momentum came to a halt when WWE refused to add any more layers to their persona. Dupree being replaced by Rob Conway on the team showed how little WWE cared about credibility.

2 Authors of pain

WWE calling NXT’s Authors of Pain tag team should have been an easy success. The team worked perfectly in NXT with both wrestlers stepped up and legendary manager Paul Ellering by their side.

Things got weird instantly when Ellering debuted with them but was pulled from the act after a week. Drake Maverick became their manager, but WWE didn’t know how to spotlight them. Funny matches and intimidating characters never existed on the main roster.

1 Heavy machinery

Another crazy story from a recent team that didn’t even have a chance after NXT was Heavy Machinery. Otis and Tucker had chemistry together as a fun face act in NXT. The move from the main roster showed their potential, but they were still waiting for their big boost.

Otis became more visible due to a romance with Mandy Rose. Unfortunately, this singles push caused the team to break up and Tucker betrayed Otis. Neither man found such success afterwards and the breakup came for nothing.

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