The 7 predictions of for the triumphant return of travel in 2022


In its most in-depth travel forecast research to date, reveals how a renewed sense of optimism fuels the thirst to make 2022 the year to make the most of the unpredictability and start living life to the fullest again. the world. Trends for the coming year include:

  1. Vitamin Vacay – More than daily exercise or mindful meditation, getting away on vacation will become THE form of self-care in 2022, with three-quarters of Canadian travelers (74%) saying that travel contributes to their mental and emotional well-being more than any other form of rest and relaxation.
  2. Reset from outside the office (home) – When the pandemic struck, our homes also became our offices, and the novelty of remote working came true. However, in 2022 we will see a significant increase in the number of people wanting to take back control by firmly restoring a work-life balance, as vacations will be strictly without work for three-quarters of Canadians (72%).
  3. All the feelings of the first time – Do you remember what it was like to board a plane for the very first time? Or even just to check in at a hotel? After feeling ‘stuck’ for so long, rather than rushing into the trip, Canadians will savor every moment, with 72% saying that traveling is more enjoyable when the trip feels like part of the trip itself. same.

For the full list of’s travel forecasts for 2022 and research methodology, visit Where


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