Surveillance footage near Airbnb, physical evidence discussed at Sanford trial

MADISON, Wis. (WMTV) – Many who spoke at Khari Sanford’s trial on Thursday discussed virtual and physical evidence related to the homicides.

Sanford is charged with two counts of first-degree intentional homicide with the use of a dangerous weapon in the 2020 deaths of Robin Carré and Dr. Beth Potter.

The courtroom was fairly full on Thursday, with more than a dozen people seated in the gallery. Sanford appeared to be in good spirits as he chatted with his attorneys.

A Madison Police Department crime analyst discussed cell tower data tracking and how officers located things during the investigation.

The prosecution then released home surveillance video taken near where Sanford and Miriam Carre, Sanford’s girlfriend at the time and daughter of the slain Madison couple, were staying at the time of the alleged homicides.

Following mounting household tension and therapy sessions, which were discussed in court on Wednesday, Miriam and Sanford were asked to move out of the Carré home in March 2020. The couple put their daughter and Sanford in an Airbnb, where they were staying at the time of the couple’s death.

A witness confirmed on Thursday that a video shown in court came from his property near the Airbnb where Khari Sanford and Miriam Carre were staying.

A UW-Madison Police Department officer who later testified said he searched the area around the Airbnb. He reported finding a damaged cell phone, pants, gloves, and an envelope addressed to Beth Potter in a trash can.

The trial is expected to end next week. If convicted, Sanford faces a mandatory life sentence.

Judge Ellen Berz announced before the start of the trial that the media was banned from any streaming or recording of video or audio.

Khari Sanford appears in court on May 19, 2022.(Pool camera)

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