Safe Ireland and Airbnb launch ‘survival fund’ for women fleeing domestic violence


A new fund is launched today to financially support women and children fleeing situations of domestic violence.

Safe Ireland and Airbnb announced the ‘Safe Ireland Survivor Fund’ which will help those fleeing abuse with basic needs such as groceries, utility bills, secure housing and credit telephone.

Services may also request funding for equipment or training, including play modules for children, or innovative and specialized support for high-risk and vulnerable women.

The fund, run by Safe Ireland in partnership with Airbnb who donated € 350,000, will be distributed through Safe Ireland’s 39 affiliated services across the country.

Mary McDermott, CEO of Safe Ireland, said the fund would help women escape situations where financial barriers such as access to phone credit, transportation or the inability to pay bills “can and do keep people going. women in the trap “.

“Financial control is a central mechanism of coercive control in an abusive relationship,” Ms. McDermott said.

“The Safe Ireland Survivor Fund directly tackles these micro-controls, builds hope and the capacity to act.”

The cost of domestic violence for a woman is estimated at € 113,500 over 20 years, from abuse to security, loss of income, unemployment, health and legal costs and rehousing costs.

Ms McDermott added that this fund “cannot address domestic, sexual and gender-based violence as a large-scale social problem.”

“Nor can it replace a systematic and comprehensive state response to the abuse of women and children.

“We thank Airbnb for their frontline response, as Safe Ireland continues to work for the eradication of domestic violence in society as a whole.”

In June 2020, Airbnb partnered with Safe Ireland and Women’s Aid to provide more than 3,000 free hotel beds to victims of domestic violence, support that was extended in June 2021.

“For women leaving an abusive family situation, bills and costs can cause a lot of worry,” said Jean Hoey, co-site manager for Airbnb in Ireland.

“Through the Survival Fund, we want to help relieve this pressure and provide financial peace of mind.”

Donations to Safe Ireland’s work can be made at

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