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The UK’s reputation as a nation of animal lovers grew even stronger during 2020, with a wave of new pets helping to comfort owners amid the COVID-19 pandemic.

According to Sainsbury’s Bank, nearly a quarter (24%) of UK adults say they have welcomed a new pet into their home since March 2020 or plan to do so before Easter 2021.

Animal benefits

The bank’s results found that about half (47%) of people who welcomed a new pet did so for companionship and improved mental health reasons.

Other positive benefits also emerged from the research. In addition to boosting morale through confinement, about a fifth of owners (22%) said their health had improved through exercise with their pet.

Making new friends and exploring new areas were also cited as benefits of having a pet.

Sainsbury’s said dogs were the first pet of choice, with almost two-thirds (60%) of owners opting for a canine addition, while around one-third (32%) opting for cats.

In terms of dog breeds, Cockapoos (a Cocker Spaniel / Poodle cross) have become the country’s preferred choice according to Sainsbury’s analysis of sales of new pet insurance policies.

Research also found that the typical cost of adopting or purchasing a new pet is £ 557 and £ 273 respectively for dogs and cats. Sainsbury’s has found that dog owners underestimate the costs of maintaining their pets more than cat owners.

To cover

Jason King, director of clientele at Sainsbury’s Bank, said it was important not to overlook the financial implications of bringing a new pet of any size into the home. “Be sure to shop around for the most comprehensive pet insurance possible to help cover unexpected vet bills,” he advised.

Despite the nation’s undoubted fondness for animals, the Association of British Insurers (ABI) warns that the majority of households are unlikely to have purchased insurance to cover them.

The ABI estimates that more than 80% of cats are uninsured, while about two-thirds of dogs (67%) are left without coverage by their owners.

Learn about the benefits of pet insurance with our guide.

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