One of the best getaways in Mexico is glamping on Isla Espiritu Santo

PHOENIX (3TV/CBS 5) – If you want to disconnect — really disconnect – then that glamping trip to the beach. could be the adventure for you. We take you south of the border to a place I had heard about, read about and always wanted to try. It’s called “glamping”, but it’s on an island just off La Paz. It is called Isla Espiritu Santo and is part of a Unesco World Heritage Site.

There is no WiFi and no cell service. Before you panic, let me tell you, it was worth it!

The House of Camp Cecile is 45 minutes by boat from La Paz. Depending on the tide you may have to wade. The white sand beach is stunning and the sunsets are stunning.

Glamping on Isla Espiritu Santo

The staff is great and their setup is amazing. They specialize in VIP service.

Camp Cecil - that view is everything!
Camp Cecil – that view is everything!(Tara Hitchcock)

“Everything is special here,” said Jose Sergio Navarro of Eco Adventures in Todos Santos said. “It’s not like camping. It’s like a five star hotel. The luxury walk-in tents have real beds, high quality linens, bedside tables and lamps. And yes, there is a housekeeping staff to take care of you.

Everyone is wondering about the sanitary facilities. There are a few facilities, as well as a shower area.

My husband, Kenn, and I enjoyed the sunsets.
My husband, Kenn, and I enjoyed the sunsets.(Tara Hitchcock)

Sea puppies, kayaking and more!

Camp Cecil is one of the few places where you can swim with sea lions.

“They’re really used to tourists,” said Paulina Dorado of Todos Santos Eco Adventures. “They love having us there as much as we love being there.”

The kayak is also on the itinerary. Or snorkeling. Or hike. Or discover rock art. There is a lot to do every day. You might see dolphins, manta rays and maybe even whales.

A day of kayaking
A day of kayaking(Tara Hitchcock)

And when it’s time to eat, we’re not talking beans and weenies. It’s first class fare all the way. There’s even a daily happy hour.

“Camp food” at its best!(Tara Hitchcock)
The dining room”(Tara Hitchcock)

Digital detox

“We’re so busy at home, we miss it,” Brenda Cunnington said, pointing to the beach. She and her family are from Canada, and zero tech — remember, no WiFi or cell service — was a big draw for them. “We wanted to do something different. We wanted to do something that they learn from.

It's time to explore
It’s time to explore(Tara Hitchcock)

“This place is awesome – best place ever,” said young glamper Jacob Lee. “The view is amazing; they treat you like VIPs.

The best season to visit Camp Cecil is from October to April or May.

A short hike from the campsite
A short hike from the campsite(Tara Hitchcock)
Time to go to bed
Time to go to bed(Tara Hitchcock)

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