NY Police Bust Ring Of Vans Parked On Street Used As Airbnb Rental


Ditching traditional homes for life on the road is certainly popular these days, but living in a 25-year-old conversion van on a New York street? It doesn’t look very appealing, especially when the van isn’t even registered properly. In this case, it is not just one van, but seven, and they would all have been listed as Airbnb rentals offering an authentic vanlife experience.

That’s the word from the New York Sheriff’s Office, which took to social media with photos and a brief overview of the situation. According to a Twitter post, seven “suspected fraudulent and illegally registered vans” parked in various streets of Manhattan have been impounded. The post also states that they were used as Airbnb rentals, although it is not immediately clear whether using vans on public streets for rental accommodation is in fact illegal.

All of the pickup trucks had New Jersey license plates, and the New York Post reports that some of the listings expired more than 20 years ago. It is absoutely illegal.

It appears the vans had been in service as an Airbnb rental for at least a few years. CBS New York reports that authorities were notified in part thanks to a YouTuber who recently paid $ 97 for an overnight rental in one of the vans and posted an account of the experience. The review says the Airbnb host listed local bars and restaurants as places to use the bathroom, and while the experience was “comfortable” it wasn’t something he wanted. remake.

These vans aren’t the weirdest overnight accommodations we’ve seen on the popular destination website, but the alleged illegal check-ins and recommendations to use private companies for bathroom breaks are very decidedly wave. It’s unclear how many rentals the seven pickup trucks had before they were impounded, but the listings are no longer on Airbnb’s website and authorities are reportedly still investigating the identity of the owner (s).

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