Nordic pay TV provider Allente chooses 3SS to launch B2B hotel TV service


3 Screen Solutions (3SS), a leading provider of software solutions for Set-top Boxes (STB) and multi-screen entertainment, announced that the leading pay TV provider in the Nordic region Allente has chosen 3SS and 3READY Product Framework to fuel its new B2B entertainment offering for the hospitality industry.

Allene entrusted 3SS with the development of a new dedicated application, based on the Android TV operating system, to launch the service aimed at improving the “hotel TV” experience. During the first integration of the new service, 3SS created the application to support viewing on televisions from Philips Professional Display Solutions, specially designed for hotels. Thanks to its expertise in agile development methodologies and its constant customer focus, 3SS delivered this project in less than six months.

The new service gives hotel managers greater flexibility in choosing channels and gives the customer the ability to browse content in a way that is far superior to traditional hotel in-room entertainment systems. Guest can pause and rewind TV shows, watch catch-up TV, etc. Hotel-specific information, such as details of facilities and check-out procedures, as well as access to third-party sites that may be of interest to the guest, is also incorporated into the user interface designed and engineered by 3SS. .

Given the context of hotels, particular challenges had to be overcome during the development of the application. There was a need to completely erase all personal data and reset the in-room TV system after each guest had left, and the need to adapt to frequently changing UI language selections. 3SS has developed practical and functional application features that ensure that the guest-to-guest transition has maximized convenience and security for users.

Jon Espen Nergård, Technical Director of Allente
3SS has once again proven to be the ideal partner and 3READY the right product platform to move our business forward. We strongly believe in the 3READY entertainment ecosystem and its benefits in terms of time to market and continuous innovation.

Roger von Zernichow, B2B director at Allente
We have therefore developed a service that offers customers a TV experience as good as at home, while considerably reducing the operational complexity of hotels.

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