My Casa Airbnb in Gran Canaria, Spain

I’m not usually a fan of Airbnb (especially after our unfortunate experience in Israel), but we had a good experience in Gran Canaria with renting a house for a week.

Our Airbnb experience in Gran Canaria, Spain

Airbnb is a popular target of scorn among travel bloggers and it is often justified. Personally, I’ve had my share of bad experiences with the service, and I also find that the extra fees added to reservations make Airbnb much less of a deal than a hotel.

My sister-in-law actually arranged this booking and our trip was supposed to be in December 2020. We thought the Canary Islands would be a nice escape from the waves of COVID-19 hitting the US as well as England and Australia. Germany (where my wife side of family life). This trip was canceled due to COVID-19 issues and thankfully the host, Pilar, let us book through August 2021.

We chose this house because it had four bedrooms (eight beds total) with three bathrooms, a full kitchen, ample parking, and a pool. These days it seems to be as cheap as $125/night, although the rate varies depending on the season and was closer to $300/night for our stay (still a bargain considering the space and privacy we had).

Gran Canaria is not the largest of the Canary Islands, but it is quite large and our house was located in San Nicolas de Tolentino, which is still in Las Palmas, but a good 45 minute drive in either direction (a ring road circles the island).

We were quite isolated, although I must regret that we were woken up every morning at sunrise by local roosters. Earplugs did the trick, although I was happy with the “local alarm” and got up and finished my work before the others woke up. The days were warm, the mornings cool.

Below are some photos of our stay. Interior photos are from Airbnb. We arrived at 1am and everyone went to bed. By morning everyone had unpacked and my own photos of the bedrooms, bathrooms and indoor common areas were too cluttered.

Like many houses in Europe, the doors close both from the inside and from the outside. Twice we locked ourselves in while sitting in the garden. Luckily the host was only a phone call away and a short ride away. Pilar was wonderful. I still think these doors are huge security risks.


This stay made me want to rent via the Airbnb platform. We had a nice house which turned out to be a decent base, even though it was on the other side of the island. There are many all inclusive hotels in Gran Canaria but I would always choose a house over something like this.

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