Michelle Malkin banned from Airbnb after attending Hate Fest

Far-right columnist and white nationalist ally Michelle Malkin was kicked out of Airbnb after attending the white nationalist organization American Renaissance’s rally in Nashville last November.

“As per our policies, if we become aware of users who are members of or actively affiliated with hate groups, we remove them from Airbnb,” company spokesperson Ben Breit told The Daily Beast on Wednesday. The site also banned Malkin’s husband, she wrote, because his trips were often booked from his account.

“The new twist in my case is that Airbnb is suing my HUSBAND just because he’s married to me. Are my kids next? What about the other #AmericaFirst families?” Malkin, a close ally of the extremist “America First” by white nationalist Nicholas Fuentes, fumed Wednesday afternoon on Twitter.

“Of course, this recent and ongoing escalation of deplatforming wars isn’t just about Airbnb or me,” continued Malkin. “It’s about reducing the underlying power of the SPLC and ADL to oppress their most effective political opponents and sabotage every aspect of our professional and personal lives.”

The SPLC called American Renaissance a hate group, while the Anti-Defamation League called it a “white supremacist newspaper.”

Airbnb requires users to adhere to their “Airbnb Community Commitment” and to “treat all members of the Airbnb community, regardless of race, religion, national origin, ethnicity, disability , sex, gender identity, sexual orientation or age, with respect, and without judgment or prejudice. The platform says it has kicked more than a million users for violating that pledge, including white nationalists they fired in 2017 for attending the infamous Unite the Right rally in Charlottesville.

After the publication, Malkin claimed in an email to The Daily Beast that she “did not use Airbnb to book accommodation in Nashville,” but that the ban was simply due to her speaking out at the rally.

Editor’s note: An initial version of this story indicated that Malkin had stayed at an Airbnb during his Nashville speech.

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