Marriott Hotels suffers another data breach

Hotel giant Marriott Hotels has been the victim of another data breach, victim of the theft of 20 GB of data by an unknown actor. This is having an alarming ripple effect, impacting 300-400 guests, leaving people wondering what is the best way to secure the increasingly under attack cybersecurity industry.

Bill Conner, CEO and Chairman of SonicWall, also an advisor to GCHQ and NCSC, said the importance of this trend: “The recent breach by Marriott International is a stark example of the tireless work that cybercriminals undertake to steal personal information. Not only does Marriott’s breach damage the reputation of the brand, but it also puts customers in a vulnerable position when sensitive information is included like passport numbers, credit card details and more.

“Organizations should learn from such breaches by seizing the opportunity to ensure there are no loopholes in their systems for criminals to take advantage of, stopping them at the periphery before they do not have the opportunity to infiltrate the network. Once inside, they can move laterally to identify sensitive data that is highly valued on the Dark Web. This incident also highlights the serious need for due diligence when evaluating an organization’s cybersecurity during the M&A process.

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