Manteca’s tip makes it clear: they don’t want Airbnb-style party homes


City council is not ready to decide whether to officially ban short-term rentals of homes in Manteca for 30 days or less in residential areas or allow them with restrictions.

They want more personnel research done before making this call.

One thing, however, is certain. They don’t want Airbnb-style party houses.

Staff said they would be in a position by the next board meeting to provide the framework for two options that elected leaders have said they want to weigh: outright banning short-term rentals or allowing them with short-term rentals. restrictions to prevent them from creating problems in neighborhoods. And if they are allowed, the council tends to treat them like hotels when it comes to the city’s 12% tourist tax.

Councilor Charlie Halford, in directing the objection to the use of short-term rentals as party houses, made reference to the July 20, 2020 shooting at a Vrbo rental on Woodward Avenue just outside of boundaries town where seven people were shot dead with two suffering serious injuries at a house party.

His fellow council members have also made it clear that while short-term rentals are allowed, they want rules to ban the rental of party houses.

Neighbors of an Airbnb that rents $ 215 a night in Chadwick Square said loud music was played late at night, guests were drinking in the neighborhood park across the street, and he there was a large influx of cars.

At one point, the house was rented out for two weeks for a wedding and associated celebrations.

Several commentators, including a representative of realtors, argued that the ban on short-term rentals would undermine efforts to have affordable housing. They also highlighted the need for many health and construction workers brought into the community for several months at a time to find housing.

Staff noted that rental sites on the Internet restrict rentals to 30 days or less due to longer term rentals come into effect under state regulations.

Using the Chadwick Square house as an example, a neighbor noted that renting it for a month at a time would cost $ 6,450, which he said is anything but affordable.

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