Manchester’s iconic Sachas hotel only opens on weekends as hotel staff crisis deepens


The iconic Sachas city center hotel has closed on weekdays and only opened on weekends, as the hotel staff crisis continues to worsen in Manchester.

The famous Northern Quarter budget hotel, part of the Britannia Group, has only been operating on weekends for guests since June.

Anyone with a midweek reservation is greeted with a sign on the door asking them to go to their sister location, the Britannia Hotel on Portland Street, to check in instead.

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Staff at both hotels told MEN it was a temporary arrangement linked to staff levels at Manchester sites which has seen Sachas only open on Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays in recent weeks.

When we asked a staff member on site when Sachas would return to normal seven-day negotiation, he said he wasn’t sure, but hoped it would be later this month.

On, when we tried to book midweek in the first half of August, there is a message that says, “This property has no availability on our site on these dates”.

It currently shows that August bookings will resume mid-week starting August 17 in Sachas.

Sachas is a well known budget hotel in Manchester

The hotel, located inside the old C&A building in the North Quarter, is a distinctive downtown landmark with its large red Sachas sign and Art Deco-style exterior.

Signs for weekday closures were first seen in Sachas’s front window at the junction of Tib Street and Back Piccadilly on June 27, and have appeared every week since.

A sign in the window of the Sachas hotel

The typed posters read: “Dear guest, please note that the Sachas hotel closes on Sunday and will reopen on Friday from noon.

“If you have a reservation, please visit our sister hotel The Britannia Manchester on Portland Street.

“We apologize for the inconvenience caused.”

No one was available to comment on operator Britannia Hotels when contacted by the Manchester Evening News.

Britannia Hotel on Portland Street

The weekday closures at Sachas come amid warnings from Greater Manchester hotel bosses of the worsening recruitment crisis at all levels of the industry – with 3,000 unfilled and growing vacancies.

Manchester Hoteliers Association chairman Adrian Ellis warned on Friday that businesses had to make tough decisions, such as closing entire hotels and reducing restaurant opening hours to deal with shortages of staff.

He said: “Some people try to shorten their service without impacting the customer, for example by only offering afternoon tea on weekends, or restaurants open five days.

“People have to change their offerings, try to cut back on services – and if we can’t fix this quickly, there’s concern that hoteliers will have to shut down entire floors or areas.”

Greater Manchester’s nocturnal economics adviser Sacha Lord also warned that the staff crisis was becoming “ridiculous”.

He said: “It’s fire fighting like I’ve never seen before.

“The personnel issue is now ridiculous, it’s not just about the pingemia, we are now seeing the full effects of Brexit and all of those people who have lost faith in the industry have other jobs.

“I’m not just talking about the waiters and waitresses, it’s security, it’s management, it’s really, really tough there.”

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