Kidnapped Car Salesman Tells Gruesome Near Death Test Drive | Local News


Still telling the seller he’s scared, Gregory pulled on the shoulder and asked Kurtz to drive the rest of the way. Once again, Kurtz’s suspicions were aroused.

“I’m afraid he’ll leave me by the side of the road,” Kurtz said. “I wait for him to come out and I see him turn around to get in, so we both sprint towards the car. He says, ‘Damn, you’re fast.’ I said, ‘yeah, I’m not falling into the trap.’ “

Kurtz orders Gregory to take the next exit, warning him that if he doesn’t, he will call the police. Gregory doesn’t, so Kurtz dials 911.

“I call the police and he’s like ‘no, don’t do that, hang up, hang up’,” Kurtz said. “Now I see he’s starting to speed up. I’m trying to get the information across (to the 911 dispatcher). He reaches out and starts beating me on the phone; we are going at about 120 (mph).

Then the impact. Eyes closed. Soft body. Prepare to die.

Shouting at the medics as he was pulled from the wreckage, Kurtz told them, “I’ve been kidnapped.”

“I guess she needed to know”

In prosecution documents filed with Lake Criminal Court, investigators said Gregory told them Kurtz started to “panic” on the freeway and grabbed the wheel before impact. Somehow, Gregory was able to get away from the crash before he was located, taken to hospital, and later arrested. He faces charges of kidnapping, car theft and identity theft, as well as one count of driving a vehicle without ever having received a license.

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