Jim Cramer says investors should put these three companies on their ‘shopping list’


CNBC’s Jim Cramer said on Tuesday that investors should put Airbnb, Uber and DoorDash on their “shopping list,” even though he expects the broader market to continue struggling in a historically weak time.

“I always tell you to have a shopping list ready for those times when the whole market seems to be about to be hammered out. For now, you should focus on the companies that have gone through the Covid mill and that come out the other side, “the host of” Mad Money “said.

The aforementioned three companies fit this bill, according to Cramer, and are now poised to benefit as the pandemic enters its final stages. He warned that while he sees opportunities in these stocks, he expects “more pain” for the market as a whole.

In Airbnb‘s case, CEO Brian Chesky didn’t allow the company to “give up” at the start of the Covid crisis when travel nearly came to a halt, Cramer said. Instead, Airbnb was well positioned to take advantage of the upturn in travel and shifting consumer preferences, he said.

For Uber, Cramer said the company smartly relied on its Eats platform during the pandemic and then wisely doubled down on the acquisition of alcohol delivery company Drizzly.

“It’s a two-way street with Uber; this is how they are now able to dramatically increase their forecast,” Cramer said, referring to the company’s announcement earlier Tuesday that played a role in the closing of the action of 11.5% during the session.

Cramer said DoorDash, similarly, has emerged from the acute phase of the pandemic in a position of strength and now largely finds itself in a two-player game with Uber Eats in the United States.

The host of “Mad Money” acknowledged that regulation is a risk to any business operating in the so-called odd-job economy, but said he doubted state governments or Washington “would regulate them in the future. oblivion “because of their popularity with consumers.

“Here’s the gist: I love the services that are Airbnb and Uber and DoorDash because these companies weren’t just sitting around and getting beaten up. They woke up at their darkest hour and reinvented themselves. “said Cramer.

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