“Is the reservation of the seller of nasha vendetta? … justice is delayed but not refused”

After Majithia’s reservation in the NDPS case, you face allegations of political vendetta. What do you have to say about this?

Is the reservation a vendetta of the “nasha” seller? Have you not written all these years that narcotics are sold openly in the state? Didn’t you write that Pindi and Satta attended Majithia’s wedding? Was I the Home Secretary when drug trafficking hub Jagdish Bhola alleged that Majithia was involved? We are simply acting on what the court has said. Haven’t you read the court orders saying who prevented us from investigating the STF report? We only acted on court orders.

When is Majithia going to be arrested?
Ask the Special Investigation Team (SIT). What can I say ? I do not intervene.

Why then has the action followed now when you are Home Secretary?
As I said before, Bhola’s allegations are not my fault. We have now acted like former Chief Minister Amarinder Singh did nothing in the drug case. Everyone said he didn’t catch the big fish, but put the little drug paddlers in jail. We took the case to court for the opening of the STF report. The court said we should investigate. We did just that. This is a case of justice delayed but not justice denied.

Is your mission accomplished now?
No. It is incomplete until the moment when the culprits are punished. I have to say that until Parkash Singh Badal took control of the party, there were no allegations of drugs and gangster accommodation. It happened later. It seemed that the police were not listening to the government. The FIR was registered after seeing former BOI chief SK Asthana write a letter and go on sick leave and the government having to replace his DGP overnight.

We are investigating Asthana’s letter. First, he sent a handwritten note in the evening. Later he sent a typed note. We will check where it was typed and which computer was used. We also look at the police rules. We will put it on hold.

Action followed when the code of conduct is expected to go into effect next month. What will happen then?

Let the code enter in place. Will the law of the land then cease to exist? It’s a court case. It will take its own course.

PPCC chief Navjot Singh Sidhu tweeted that the action was taken after pushing the right officers to the right place. Is the credit war on?
This was done for the people of the Punjab. You only have to see how many mothers have lost their children to drugs, how many women have lost their husbands. There’s no credit war in there and there shouldn’t be.
On the day the police booked Majithia, your government’s former minister Rana Gurmit Singh Sodhi joined the BJP.

He joined the BJP because he is afraid of his case in which he received double compensation for land acquired by the government. We will also take action in this case.

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