STOWE, VT & DENVER, CO- After years of design, UX/UI design, and development, Inntopia and AZDS release a powerful update to AZDS’ RevRaise booking engine. Combining Inntopia’s industry-leading ability to aggregate and sell products across multiple systems with AZDS’ track record of delivering innovative, conversion-increasing booking engines, the new integration makes it easy and fast for customers to book everything they need for a vacation from a single, intuitive interface without leaving the domain of the resort or hotel website.

“We’ve built and continuously optimized the luxury hospitality industry’s leading booking engine, RevRaise, for our hundreds of customers around the world for the better part of a decade,” said Adam Deflorian, CEO of ‘Azds. “We are excited to now introduce this new evolution through the functionality Inntopia brings to the table, which will take our clients’ guests on an intuitive, travel-based booking experience that will guide them through every step they take. need to secure all the products (including flights) and experiences they need for their vacation in one integrated and intuitive user flow. This new feature will enable our customers to drive even higher levels of conversion, order value and ultimately revenue. »

Inntopia’s single cart booking platform brought three key elements to the table. First, the ability to aggregate real-time inventory across an unlimited number of systems, including PMS, POS, and the systems of the activity, transportation, and accommodation partners they work with. Second, the ability to package, sell, and price these products and product combinations in a way that aligns with the booking behaviors and expectations of modern customers. Third, a powerful API that allowed AZDS to access this inventory in real time, pull them across a hotel or resort’s entire website, making the entire site shoppable, adds products to a unified cart and securely books the entire trip in a single transaction.

AZDS has drawn on its extensive experience in building, optimizing and customizing its RevRaise booking engine which, until now, has been primarily designed for hotels on Saber’s CRS SynXis. Through continuous improvement and mobile-optimized design, they were able to increase conversion rates by up to 47% compared to out-of-the-box booking solutions. Most importantly, they learned how to create custom booking interfaces that work with a resort’s existing product settings so that implementation is quick and easy. This is extremely useful for hotels, but essential when selling multiple products from multiple systems in the same transaction. AZDS also has a dedicated product team with built-in Inntopia expertise to ensure smooth activation for Inntopia Partners.

“Our ability to sell real-time inventory from a variety of systems in a single interface has put Inntopia on the map. This new interface unleashes the power of this feature in really exciting new ways,” said Trevor Crist, CEO of Inntopia. “AZDS is a world-class agency and has earned its reputation by delivering clear and measurable results. This new partnership is a perfect blend of their strengths and ours.

The new multi-product version of RevRaise is already being implemented in a small group of hotels and resorts, with more expected to be implemented shortly. For more information, visit the Inntopia Commerce or RevRaise websites.

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ABOUT INNTOPIA: Inntopia is a powerful commerce and marketing CRM platform that allows resorts and hotels to aggregate product, rates, and guest data from an unlimited number of systems. On the Inntopia Commerce side, this allows resorts and hotels to sell all the products a customer needs in a single interface and get a single receipt, even if those products exist in their partners’ systems or are built directly in Inntopia. On the Inntopia Marketing Cloud side, data is aggregated, hosted, enhanced and synchronized with major marketing channels such as email, Google, Facebook, SMS and survey platforms to create high performance automations and customer service campaigns.

ABOUT AZDS: AZDS Interactive Group is the world’s leading digital agency for the world’s leading luxury travel and hotel brands. The agency provides digital innovation, website design and development, digital marketing services and booking engine conversion solutions, including industry-leading product RevRaise, to more than 500 clients located across 6 continents, including some of the world’s best-known luxury travel. hotel brands, from Montage Hotels & Resorts to The Ritz London to Aspen Skiing Company and many more around the world. Learn more online at

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