Houston woman helps people travel for half the price with new booking platform and Power Houses deals

Compare hundreds of travel sites at once and save up to 60%

Power plant deals is delighted to announce the launch of its online travel booking website designed to help travelers save up to 60% on international and domestic travel costs. The luxury travel site offers the best flight deals that guarantee cheap tickets, travel guides and very affordable prices. It also offers car and car rental services for easy mobilization. Thanks to the travel guide, travelers receive a detailed description of hotels and tourist centers and a map for easy access. The award-winning agency offers a complete travel package for the perfect vacation, visit and departure.

In addition to helping travelers find the best flight and hotel deals, the company makes sure that travel articles are made available on the site so they can store. The site was designed as a personal assistant for travelers to help them with anything before, during and after their trip. Prioritizing a great customer experience, the site offers customers the ability to request escorts, personalize their nameplates, and even request a personal driver. Customers who value a luxurious lifestyle are assured of a travel experience that will elevate their status at an inexpensive rate.

With over 80,000 customers since its inception, the company is known for selecting the best and most fascinating vacation and tour destinations. All of the company’s luxury travel packages are safe and accessible to everyone. Moreover, the luxury travel site guarantees exclusive travel services that customers can brag about. Most certainly, travelers will find the perfect solution to all their travel needs at the luxury travel site.

“My website is compared to booking.com, Expedia, Trip.com, Hopper, Travelocity, etc. It offers flights, hotels, car rentals, excursions and transportation/luxury car services to and from the airport. You can get your own personal driver with a nameplate and travel accessories, as well as luggage to be purchased on site. It’s the one stop shop for your travel needs and offers last minute deals for your budget, helping you create your dream vacation! says owner Cassandra Iwuoha.

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