Hotels Face ‘Nightmare’ Cancellation Rates As Vacationers Flock Abroad


Hotels are hit hard by cancellations across the country, with London particularly hard hit after the lack of foreign tourists this summer.

According to booking engine provider Avvio, some hotels are experiencing cancellation rates of 50% or more as international travel rules relax.

“Customers cancel their reservations at the last minute and instead go abroad. If these cancellations are for resort hotels, rooms are often quickly refilled as there is a line of families desperate to have a stay at a resort, ”said Michael De Jongh, Commercial Director of Avvio.

“But cancellations hit downtown hotels hard. It’s a nightmare for them because most of those reservations will never be filled.

Many city center hotels were reporting only 30% occupancy before the opening of overseas travel, with London suffering particularly from the blow to international tourism.

Couples were up to six times more likely to cancel than families. “In September, there will be no more families to fill resort hotel reservations. If cancellation rates stay the same, it will be a disastrous fall for resort and downtown hotels, ”added De Jongh.

The online travel platform said City AM that domestic travel continued to remain a top concern for UK holidaymakers, with restrictions on international travel likely to continue until 2022.

“In terms of places, it seems that coastal and country stays continue to be favored, which is not surprising given that our recent research reveals that only 5% of people in the UK cite a stay in city ​​as the first type of trip they want to take, ”a spokesperson for the platform said.

Coastal areas such as Cornwall, Devon, Bournemouth and Brighton have replaced international urban style stays.

Travelers are also more eager to stay in houses and apartments than in hotels in the wake of the pandemic with 32% of bookings for alternative accommodation in the last quarter.

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