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The Director of Coaching and Education Department, National Institute of Sports (NIS), Dr. Adeniji Jimmy, said Nigeria needs to employ different psychological interventions to ensure podium success and sustainable development. Sport.
Speaking at the institute’s first inaugural conference at the Lagos National Stadium, Jimmy singled out sports psychology as the panacea to peak athlete performance that would lead to national development.
He noted that Nigerian sport suffers from many shortcomings that hamper podium finishes in competitions, adding that the solution lies in urgent psychological interventions.
He also advised that sports psychologists should be part of the preparation of athletes, lamenting that this angle is not yet fully exploited in the country’s sports.
Jimmy, who said the current leadership of NIS aims to introduce and reposition the institute as a citadel of learning, a center for training and research, as well as to integrate into university and polytechnic systems .
In his lecture, titled “Podium Success and Sustainable Sports Development in Nigeria: A Tripod of Psychological Interventions,” Jimmy said that sport has gone beyond recreational and entertainment levels, adding that sports psychology must be included in team building, preparation before, during and after competition as its importance is multiple and varied.

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