Hospitality software innovator Agilysys named to shortlist in three categories for UK Business Technology Awards 2022

The UK Commercial Technology Awards, which celebrates companies that demonstrate outstanding application of technology to transform and grow businesses in the UK, has shortlisted hospitality software innovator Agilysys in three award categories for 2022. Judged by an independent panel of experts in leading technology, the final winners will be announced at a gala dinner and awards ceremony in London on Thursday, October 20.

The three categories in which Agilysys is on the finalist list are (1) Property Tech of the Year, (2) SaaS Company of the Year, and (3) Tech Company of the Year, Medium-Sized Company. With no specific hospitality category in the awards list, Agilysys’ position as a finalist in each of these categories underscores the growing importance of hospitality technology in the wider UK technology sector.

Commenting on the recognition, Agilysys Senior Director of Sales, Matthew Prosser said: “We are proud to represent the importance of hotel technology in the UK, as we share shortlisted status with highly respected technology pioneers from a range of industries.”

Prosser continued, “Research shows that people have high expectations when they start traveling again. In a study of 12,000 tourists in 12 countries, Expedia found that 65% of respondents want their next vacation to be the ‘best ever’ travel,” with more immersive and meaningful experiences. Meeting these expectations, one customer at a time, requires applying technology and data in engaging ways to create customer and staff experiences that are both personal and profitable.

Being the only complete solutions provider solely focused on hospitality enables Agilysys to deliver both functional breadth and innovative advancements through Agilysys Hospitality Cloud. This platform includes property management (PMS), point-of-sale (POS) and inventory and procurement (I&P) solutions, as well as 28 experience improvement apps that work with base to extend capabilities such as self-service, mobile access, analytics, payment processing, document management, digital catering, and planning and management of multiple amenities (such as golf, spa and other activities). Basic solutions and experience amplifiers can be combined in hotel solution studios adapted to different contexts. All elements of Hospitality Cloud have been meticulously designed to improve guest experience and loyalty while increasing results.

The company’s recognition as a leading technology pioneer in the hospitality industry comes at a pivotal time, as travel returns to record levels and hospitality operators need rich solutions. data and full coverage that can easily be configured to deliver personalized experiences based on guest profiles.

Prosser noted, “The deeper operators and management companies understand their customers and staff – both in real time and over time – the more likely they are to delight them while operating at healthy margins. that technological innovation offers in the hotel industry.

About Agilysys

Agilysys is well known for its long tradition of hotel-focused technology innovation. The company offers modular and integrated software solutions and expertise to companies looking to maximize return on experience (ROE) through personal and profitable onboarding meetings. Over time, customers achieve high performance hospitality by consistently delighting customers, retaining staff and increasing margins. Customers worldwide include: branded and independent hotels; multi-amenity resort properties; casinos; property, hotel and resort management companies; cruise lines; corporate catering suppliers; catering providers on higher education campuses; food service management companies; hospitals; lifestyle communities; residences for the elderly; stadiums; and theme parks. The Agilysys hotel cloud combines basic operational systems for property management (PMS), point of sale (POS) and inventory and supply (I&P) with experience amplifiers that significantly improve interactions for customers and employees across dimensions such as digital access, mobile convenience, self-service control, personal choice, payment options, service coverage and real-time information to improve decisions. Core Solutions and Experience Amplifiers are selectively combined in Hospitality Solution Studios™ tailored to specific hospitality settings and business needs.

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