Hong Kong launches new health code system as quarantine-free travel with Macau, Guangdong draws closer

The Hong Kong government has announced that it will open its new “Hong Kong Health Code” registration system as of Friday, December 10, a major step towards reopening borders with mainland China and Macao.

Although an exact date for the opening of the borders has not yet been announced, the “Hong Kong Health Code” system is specifically designed to allow quarantine-free travel between Hong Kong, Guangdong Province and Macao by aligning with their respective health code monitoring systems. The lack of a compatible application had been seen as one of the main obstacles to the resumption of cross-border travel between the three jurisdictions.

Like many such systems around the world, it will use a traffic system with only those with a “green” health code allowed to cross the border. It is expected that non-quarantine travel can resume between Hong Kong, Guangdong province and Macao, although an initial daily quota is likely to be in place.

In Asian games announced in June that Macao authorities were planning to implement a special “blue health code” system for visitors to Hong Kong as part of a plan to reopen the borders between the two special administrative regions.

The Macau SAR government later confirmed that 51 hotels had already agreed to accommodate “code blue” guests in approximately 2,700 designated hotel rooms, but the plan was scrapped before it began as a result of ‘a COVID-19 epidemic in Macau in early August.

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