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Crypto banking app, Salvationintroduced the concept of flexible earning in the trillion dollar crypto market. Described as one of the fastest growing crypto banking apps in the world with 3.5 million members, Salvation now offers very competitive rates of return on USDT (11%) and ETH (5.5%) with no lock-in, which means you can withdraw at any time.

Founded by Sean Rach, a former Crypto.com executive, Salvation has users from more than 190 countries and its application, compatible with iOS and Android operating systems, has been downloaded more than 1.5 million times. As the next big thing in the crypto space, Salvation offers exceptional returns on crypto – and soon to be fiat – investments.

flexible earning

The advent of decentralized finance [DeFi] as a trend in the crypto and blockchain spaces has opened up unlimited opportunities for investors to earn from their savings. While most platforms or projects offer better annual percentage returns [APYs] than ordinary banks, many have set certain conditions such as a lock-up period or scheduled withdrawals. As a revolutionary company, quickly asserting its leading position in the market, Salvation will not only guarantee exceptional rates or interest on savings, but also give the possibility of earning returns without lock-in. Also known as flexible earnings.

Flexible Gain – Here’s What Salvation has to offer:

  • Salvation offers 11% APY on USDT and 5.5% on ETH
  • As mentioned, zero blocking period and withdrawal at any time
  • APY is paid into the deposited asset, every Friday
  • Minimum deposit of only $50 for USDT and 0.1 for ETH

Moreover, through the Salvation app, you get a wide range of lifestyle benefits ranging from entertainment subscription services like MasterClass, best rates at renowned 5-star hotels, concierge services, income boosters and more .

hi App—Solve a Real Problem

With governments heavily cracking down on crypto activities, it has become difficult for potential investors to purchase crypto assets. Salvationas a revolutionary platform, has taken a bold step to address this issue.

Through the Salvation app, first-time crypto buyers with little or no knowledge of cryptocurrencies and exchanges can seamlessly deposit US dollars via wire transfer to the Salvation application. Offering a ratio of $1 for 1 USDT, the best in the crypto market, Salvation will also offer highly competitive fixed-term income on assets such as DOGE, BTC, LTC, as well as its native token, HI. According to the founding team, you can earn up to 40% when you hold HI.

Within a year, hi has established its position as one of the fastest growing crypto banking apps in the space. Salvation leverages the immense benefits of blockchain technology – the distributed, permanent, immutable and transparent ledger – to create a user-friendly and highly functional crypto-fiat application. It combines the functionality of a modern crypto exchange with a next-generation digital banking app, providing an intuitive all-in-one platform for payments, savings, interest, and many lifestyle benefits.

Currently, Salvation has over $200 million in assets under its management, and according to the team, it has just released an ambitious update to its roadmap and strategy.

To further incentivize existing users, Salvation has integrated the “Best Friends Bonus” package, where users will be duly rewarded when their friends buy HI. When a direct invite buys HI with a 4-year daily version, you get a 10% bonus. A one-year daily version, on the other hand, attracts a 5% bonus, all paid out in HI.

Offering flexible payouts and an 11% APY with no lock-in, Salvationand powered by a seamless way to integrate crypto and fiat into the Salvation app, cements its place as one of the most advanced products in the space.

This post contains sponsored advertising content. This content is for informational purposes only and is not intended to be investment advice.

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