HFW: reengineering of legal services – Hotel management

For organizations with complex structures, consistent, high-quality legal advice can be expensive and difficult to streamline. But it doesn’t have to. Advances in technology offer us the opportunity to rethink the way legal services are delivered. At HFW, our Workplace Relations team has a tool to do just that – iRES.

iRES is used by many of our hospitality clients looking for a more integrated delivery of commercial legal advice for their business. It can be integrated with your existing management and HR systems and provides access to workplace lawyers trained in your policies and business risk appetite.

iRES adapts to your hotel’s needs and our simple and transparent tracking and reporting allows us to offer fee-based arrangements guaranteed to deliver value.

We work closely with our clients to provide a streamlined experience and to help them make the right decisions that impact their employees, contractors and hired workers – from recruitment, onboarding and contracts, to retention and promotion, management, discipline and termination.

How it works:

  • Real-time online platform to log labor relations queries from any device and choose the required response time.
  • File a petition, attach all relevant documents, and HFW’s experienced labor attorneys who are inducted into your industry policies, contracts, instruments, and processes will respond within your selected timeframe with relevant advice.
  • Multi-level authorized access, defined by you, allows full executive-level oversight while allowing less experienced resources to log and track only their own queries.
  • The integrated web platform tracks your queries and allows easy access to historical requests, and stores your key policies and documents for easy reference.
  • Cost security with a transparent subscription model.
  • Our reporting capabilities allow us to identify areas of development within your business and we will tailor a training program that builds internal capabilities exactly where they are needed.

Mark Sant, Partner, HFW

[email protected]

+61 (0)2 9320 4601


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