Guest shares rude messages from hotel after complaining about service – but who’s right?

A HOTEL boss has called a guest an “arrogant bitch” after she complained about her poor customer service.

Manager James Green also told Charlee Hann she better cancel her booking as her job is “hard enough without being insulted”, before saying, “Karma will get you eventually.”


The manager of the Westward Ho Hotel in Folkestone, Kent, called a guest an ‘arrogant bitch’Credit: Google
But before that, mom Charlee Hann called her


But before that, mum Charlee Hann called him ‘a sassy human being’Credit: Facebook
She shared's heated exchange on Facebook


She shared‘s heated exchange on FacebookCredit: Facebook

Charlee had booked a stay at Westward Ho in Folkestone, Kent, with a group of friends through

She asked why a payment was pending on her card when she had chosen to pay cash the same day, but received a ‘direct’ response telling her to put money in her account to cover the cost of security pre-clearance.

Charlee admitted she had misunderstood, but told the hotel: ‘This confusion could have been avoided if it had been explained in advance, and better customer service wouldn’t hurt.’

She thought that would be the end of it, but Charlee was shocked when she received “another rude and unprofessional response”.

A man blames a hotel guest for taking
I am a hospitality expert and we have two ways of dealing with rude customers

He said: “I really think it would be best if you cancel. Our customer service is clearly not up to your needs.

“I’d rather you didn’t stay here if all you do is complain and make rude remarks.

“My work is hard enough without being insulted.”

Charlee, who later admitted that her post “may not have been to some people’s liking,” replied, “Well, you clearly have a bee in your beanie, sassy human being.

“I wouldn’t want to stay here now even if you paid me. I hope your day is as unpleasant as you are.”

And James said, “I talk the way I’m spoken to. Karma will get to you in the end, you arrogant b****.”

He then continued with a farewell photo referencing a hotel regularly rated as the worst in Britain: “I recommend you go to the Grand Burstin, it’s where people like you deserve to go. “

Mum Charlee shared the heated exchange on Facebook where it fiercely divided opinion.

Some suggested she had every right to vent her frustration with the “obviously rude” manager, while others said he was absolutely right when she threw the first jibe.

One person wrote, “You threw an insult first! How did you expect them to respond?”

Another said: “Good for them!”

But a third posted: “Disgusting response really. How rude. Calling you ab**** is pointless and completely out of order.”

I reserve the right to give as much as I receive.

james greenHotel Westward Ho

Charlee has since said she was never going to ‘sit down and let that person insult me’, while James claims she did it first and that he ‘reserves the right to give whatever that I receive”.

He told The Sun: “I just made a perfectly reasonable suggestion that she cancel rather than stay and be unhappy with the service we provide. She threw the first insult.”

And Charlee said KentOnline“I personally rely on reviews when I book accommodation, and I think people should be made aware of how the hotel treats its guests.

“People post enough complaints about ‘bad curry’ and I’m not one to single out a company, but this was totally unacceptable.”

James, who charges over £45 a night, added: “The guest was clearly not happy with the answers I gave to her questions and requests, although they were clear and concise.

“It was clear to me that she was a needy and empowered person.

“We have had an extremely busy summer with 100% occupancy for the past four months.

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Hotel staff had a lot of stress to deal with but did their best to keep guests happy.

“It is right that they are treated with respect and it is my job to protect them from arrogant customers like this.”

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