Goa needs quality tourists, say stakeholders

October 26, 2021 | 6:22 AM HIST

Goa needs quality tourists, say stakeholders

Afraid if the current trend continues, Goa will completely lose its original tradition and culture

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PANJIM: Tourism Minister Manohar Ajgaonkar’s statement insisting that Goa is looking for the “richest” tourists has not been well received by travel and tourism stakeholders. But the actors also claim to need quality tourists to maintain harmony between tourism and the tradition and culture of the State.

How Goa Travel and Tourism Association (TTAG) President Nilesh Shah believes Goa needs well-behaved tourists. “We have infrastructure to accommodate all types of tourists. If we need high end tourists, there are 5 star hotels, but what we need are well behaved tourists. We need to make changes to ensure that incoming tourists are disciplined and well behaved, obey the law and do not resort to any nuisance, ”he said.

“We get a class of working class tourists. Goa is the next Singapore and Bangkok where people save money to visit the place. Lots of spas, casinos and night lights are just what attracts a lot of visitors, and that’s not good for Goa in the long run, ”one of the key informants told The Herald on condition of anonymity.

The businessman is concerned that if the current trend continues, Goa will completely lose its original tradition and culture. The existence of tourism in Singapore and Bangkok has discouraged quality travelers from planning their vacations to Goa. “We need to preserve the culture and the hotel industry in general so as to attract affluent tourists to this coastal state. Places like Rajasthan, Gujarat and Kerala are much better than us because visitors don’t mind spending thousands of rupees on top class tourist service, ”he said.

Ralph D’Souza, another hotel industry veteran, also pointed out that Goa needs to create a situation to attract both qualitative and quantitative tourists. “First of all, we cannot prevent anyone from entering and cannot bring anyone to Goa the way we want. If we are to bring tourists of a particular type, we have to create infrastructure and amenities that appeal to them and They attract them. Unfortunately, the charm of Goa has been compromised by keeping quality tourists at bay, ”he told the Herald.

D’Souza, who was also a former TTAG chairman, said decisions without understanding the demands of “the richest” tourists have proven doomed.

“Under the current circumstances, high-end tourists are moving to the far north and far south rather than spending time in overdeveloped / concreted poles like Calangute. At the end of the day, a destination attracts the tourists it deserves, ”he said, adding,“ You have to create a vibe that they love, but we’ve got it wrong. We put the cart before the horse. We should find out what they want and create accordingly.

Another tourism professional, operator of poplar hotel chains, also expressed a similar opinion. “We receive feedback from our visitors comparing our service to other states. When we are in a competition, we have to improve over and over again to keep up with the trend. We can’t talk about being number one in tourism and looking for top-of-the-range tourists, but doing nothing on the ground. The law should be strict to reserve wandering tourists. In addition, we have to make sure that the infrastructure is created in a way that luxury tourists prefer Goa, ”he said.

The TTAG has requested that appropriate signage of dos and don’ts be visible statewide so that cases such as cooking in the open and drinking on beaches and / or littering on beaches. beaches and major public spaces are treated. “The tourism police should also be stationed at the main points… These challenges can be met,” Shah said.


The stay at the hotel is not up to the high influx of tourists, regrets GHRA prez

PANJIM: The state’s hotel occupancy rate is 70-80%, a not-so-impressive figure, even though the state is seeing a huge influx of domestic arrivals. Budgeted accommodation, especially in the coastal belt, is taking precedence over the hotel industry craze.

“The hotel’s current occupancy rate is 70-75%. There are plenty of guesthouses and apartments available which is a hit among tourists traveling in groups. They prefer budgeted places. Nevertheless, the industry will be doing well as we expect a good season in the next few days, a long weekend during the Diwali festival, until the first week of January, ”said the president of the Goa Hotel and Restaurant Association, Gaurish Dhond.

The Goa Travel and Tourism Association (TTAG) also said that although the season is good, hotel and flight occupancy rates are between 70% and 80%. “The next season of Diwali will be better. We are also awaiting the first charter on December 13 from the UK. We are expected to receive huge charter tourists from December 2021 to March 2022, mainly from the UK and Russia, ”said TTAG Chairman Nilesh Shah. He confirmed that reservations had already started.

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