Five-star hotel with 180-200 rooms approved for Melbourne’s Jam Factory area confirmed by Newmark Capital, GURNERTM and Qualitas

The ambitious once-a-generation plan to transform Chapel Street’s Jam Factory into a world-class retail, residential, hospitality and business district will soon become a reality as the town of Stonnington this week approved the project by the promoters Newmark Capital, GURNERTM and Qualities.

The five-tower redevelopment will provide 18,500 m² of new retail space, 20,000 m² of retail office space and 400 residences across 42,020 m² of residential space, alongside 180 – 200 hotel roomsa cinema upgrade and a new public realm.

Seen as the cornerstone of Chapel Street’s future revival, the redevelopment will inject over $800 million into the Victorian economy each year, in addition to over $500 million in construction alone; workers and residents are expected to spend over $28 million each year at the compound, while hotel guests will bring in over $12 million each year.

The now approved program will include:

• More than 18,500 m² of shops

• 20,000 m² of commercial offices

• Five-star hotel with 180 to 200 rooms

• Four residential towers comprising more than 400 luxury residences

• More than 7,000 m of public domain and facilities for residences and residents

• Maintenance and upgrading of 4,600 m² of cinema

• 1,195 parking spaces

Newmark Capital will deliver and retain ownership of the commercial and retail component, while GURNERTM and Qualitas will deliver the residential and luxury hospitality component.

Designed by Bates Smart, the new master plan will re-ignite the river end of Chapel Street and become a world-class mixed-use neighborhood with a mix of retail, commercial offices, cinemas, luxury residences and a 5-star hotel.

The Lovers Walk will become the main pedestrian link in the new Jam Factory, inviting cyclists and pedestrians to enter retail businesses and food and beverage rentals, before reaching the central square and the square of the city that define the project -characterized by the heritage chimney, open plaza and amphitheater.

Permeability will be further enhanced by the reinstatement of Turnbull Street – improving accessibility from Chapel Street – and the north-south route of Bray Lane, accessed via Garden Street.

The layout of the residences will maximize access to amenities, both inside and outside the apartment, with generous balconies, natural light and access to the world-class network of retailers, restaurants, bar etc

Rooftops across the towers will also be used, with gardens, private open spaces, panoramic views and indoor/outdoor spaces – residents will have access to 2,700m² of indoor common amenities and over 5,000m² of outdoor common areas on the roofs only.

The hotel, which occupies the podium floors of the central residential towers, will greet each guest in a naturally lit lobby with views of the nearby rooftop gardens and beyond, before they check into their room.

Above a revitalized heritage facade will sit an ethereal, curvilinear office building, hosting large floor plates and touchless technology, providing true workplaces of the future.

The development team spent 12 months working closely with the board, reinventing the scheme from its originally authorized use; it will now become a world-class destination with residential towers, a hotel and more community spaces.

Lead Architects Bates Smart will be joined by Townshend Landscape Architects and Leonard Design Architects, to create a bold and innovative mixed-use neighborhood.

When completed, the redevelopment is expected to support 2,282 full-time equivalent (FTE) jobs, with approximately 1,286 indirect jobs created as a ripple effect.

Redevelopment work is expected to begin when all relevant approvals have been obtained.

Newmark Capital managing director Chris Langford said the redevelopment celebrates Jam Factory’s heritage, unlocking the potential of an iconic site.

“It has been rewarding to work with the Council and the local community to ensure the project runs for the benefit of all.

“The offices will offer all amenities within a conveniently located and connected community,” said Langford. “With breathtaking views and large floor plates, they represent the workplaces of the future. They will offer spectacular views of the city and the bay and will occupy a special place in the Melbourne skyline.

GURNERTM CEO Tim Gurner told The Hotel Conversation“We are extremely proud to have obtained planning approval for this truly visionary redevelopment – ​​a remarkable effort by everyone involved, including consultants and council.

“We have worked closely with the project team, as well as the council, to deliver something truly world class – the redevelopment will put Chapel Street back on the map, not just as a retail hub , but also as a luxury travel and lifestyle destination.

“It will take everything we’ve learned from projects like Hawksburn Place Residences and Saint Moritz and elevate it to a whole new level – it’s something that will truly put South Yarra at the top echelon of global luxury real estate. .

“The team we have assembled for this ambitious project is one of a kind and we look forward to starting work on site as soon as possible.

Mark Fischer, global head of real estate and co-founder of Qualitas, added“The overwhelming support for the project is a testament to the premier nature of the location, the world-class vision of the project team and the combined power of the joint venture. Our fund investment strategy puts the relentless focus on the quality of our partners and quality of the real estate, which gives us confidence that this vision will soon become reality.

Bates Smart Managing Director Simon Swaney commented: “Our vision revitalizes the Jam Factory, celebrating its rich character and history. The heritage facade on Chapel Street will be renovated, bringing back the original detail and character. The lanes will draw people through the precinct, integrating perfectly to Chapel Street and surrounding areas..

“It will be a thriving, integrated, shopping, working, living and entertainment district, the perfect place to live, work, play and stay. It will be a world-class shared neighborhood, an asset for the whole community.

“The new Jam Factory will be an iconic and dynamic destination for Melbourne.

“The Jam Factory has been a part of Melbourne’s social fabric since the mid-1970s thanks to the inspired work of Peter McIntyre, who transformed it from the IXL factory into a vibrant and engaging retail and hospitality hub – thanks to the combined efforts of Newmark, Qualitas and GURNERTM, the Jam Factory area will once again become the focal point of Chapel Street and South Yarra.

“All remnants of the heritage fabric will be conserved and restored – the streets and alleys will connect the site to the surrounding street network and context. An active ground plan centered around a large north-facing village square will provide retail experiences, a new easily accessible supermarket and other essentials.

“Other components include a range of residential apartments, a new hotel, upgraded cinemas, a new office complex and basement parking, to establish a true mixed-use complex where the synergy between each component drives the other. Sustainability remains at the forefront of its design, with a net zero goal for the project.

“Architecturally, the site will feature strong sculptural forms, carefully managed massing to optimize access to light and sun, and a natural materiality that responds to the context – the buildings will balance the need for solidity with a delicacy and a lightness rarely seen in contemporary residential developments.

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