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Nothing beats the ambience of a 5 star hotel room. The soft and delicate linens, the colorful and eye-catching artwork and the aromas that make you melt when you arrive. When the trigger sets in, we just don’t want it to stop. What if we told you it’s not necessary?

You can get that hotel vibe at home, with a few simple refreshes. Here are some easy ways to turn your home into your favorite getaway.

1. Sophisticated fragrances

Candles can change the mood instantly. Choose high-end scents, says Sherita Jenielle, chief curator of The Home Vibe. She says to go with candles that combine musk and earth tones. “I love when the scent of your home is almost indescribable,” says Jenielle.

2. Plush pillows

The last thing you want your guests to think about when looking at your home is your grandma’s style. Jenielle says “everything is simple”. Get rid of the parade of pillows and replace them with a few large pillows. The key, she says, is to go up to 20 inches or more. And, if you’re filling a pillowcase, fill it with a pillow that’s slightly larger than the sham to get that full look.

3. Get that gallery feel

Jenielle notes that there are lots of local artists who curate artwork and are great with abstract art. She says, “Abstract is really key when you want that high-end look.” She suggests supporting local artists and investing in original artwork to stand out.

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