Family covered in bedbugs after infestation at “luxury hotel” booked with Tui


A disgusted mother spoke out against TUI, saying her family were covered in rashes from bedbugs and her daughter had been bitten on the face by a frightening infestation at their “luxury” hotel in Mexico.

Sarah Finch, 33, booked the luxury stay at a last-minute resort so her family could enjoy a 5 * vacation in the sun, but said she was confined to her room with a severe allergic reaction to baby bites. Bedbugs.

We really needed this quality family time after the pandemic and working long hours, but it was wasted. I was bedridden and my husband was so anxious to bring the bugs home with us that he couldn’t sleep.

“My one year old daughter suffered the most with multiple bites on her hands and face, she sleeps in growing babies, so those are the only places exposed. She has been given medication to reduce the irritation.

Sarah said her daughter suffered horrific bites on the face

“My bites were so inflamed that I had to be vaccinated against histamine. I felt wheezy and dizzy the whole time.

“My four-year-old daughter spent the holidays teary-eyed with bites on her face and arms.

“She just wanted to have fun, but we were all so sick,” the mother said.

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Sarah and her husband, not named for confidentiality reasons, and their daughters Lily, 4, and Charlotte, 1, returned home on Monday and returned to their home now in Swansea, South Wales, after having spent over £ 2,000 for alternative accommodation to complete their 10th night. stay in Mexico.

“I went straight to the bedroom and what I found was amazing, the whole bed was crawling.”

Sarah added that she gave the hotel the rest of the day to arrange another room or to fumigate the room they were in, but no arrangements were made.

She said: “My children slept in reception until 11:30 pm, when a new room was finally found. We have encountered at least 12 other clients with the same problem.

“In the morning, we raised this with the representative from Tui. It was Sunday at 9 o’clock. We asked to be transferred from the complex as our health deteriorated.

“I had to see the hotel doctor at this point because I couldn’t walk and had to be injected with antihistamine and stay in the room. I made eight calls to Tui, but not once did the resort manager make contact and no solution was offered. We were alone there so we paid to move because it was so stressful.

Nasty bites on Sarah’s foot

The bites were painful as well as itchy, the family said

“I can’t express how angry I am with Tui for completely failing us. I feel completely sick and traumatized that we are in this situation, but more angry for my children. “

When Sarah spoke to other hotel guests, they checked their rooms for bed bugs and found that their mattresses and sheets were also crawling with critters. Sarah said: “Another couple who were in pain at the hotel sent me a video of their bed with a bug on it.

“I’m just in shock, not only could a 5 star hotel be so unsanitary and incompetent, but Tui thinks it’s okay to keep guests in such condition for 5 days without even talking to us, we had to hunt to each time and ultimately paid to move ourselves. “

Sarah finch

The Finch family moved to another accommodation in Planet Hollywood, for a $ 180 cab ride. Now that the family is home, they have had to pack and insulate all of their vacation clothes and will heat everything separately to try and kill any bugs that may have come home with them.

Sarah said: “We had to be really careful, two of our cases are still in the car. I have opened them one at a time so far and put our clothes in black bags ready for a wash. hot Then I have to spray and disinfect each suitcase.

“We constantly feel like we’re crawling. It was so stressful. “

One of the bed bugs

A spokesperson for TUI said: “We were sorry to hear about the experience of the Finch family. Following an initial investigation by an independent company, no evidence of bedbugs was found and no other similar cases were reported. We continue to study the concerns of the family which we will discuss directly with them. We would like to reassure customers that we regularly audit all the hotels we present in terms of health and safety, including hygiene. “

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