DeepFlight’s personal and electric Super Falcon submarine explores what to do


One team that builds personal adventure-ready submarines is DeepFlight. This crew has been around since 2008 when they first appeared on the market with an unchanged submarine that could easily fit into most modern yachts. Today, this team is as solid as ever, proof of the efficiency of their work.

One of the vehicles they have in store for purchase is known as the Super Falcon (SF). This craft has been nicknamed as such for its ability to “fly” and hover in water. But this personal submarine is not only about underwater navigation, it is also about how this navigation is carried out.

What makes this submarine so special, besides being a submarine, is that it uses a fully electric propulsion system. With a brushless direct current direct drive system, the motor turns off 10 kWh (13.4 hp) of power. With voltage protection and automatic balancing, the lithium iron phosphate battery is capable of offering up to 8 hours of autonomy. Once emptied, a full recharge is achieved in just 4 hours.

Overall, the SF 5.9 meters (19.4 feet) long, 2.7 meters (8.9 meters) wide, and is only suitable for two occupants, a driver and a passenger. With a weight of 1,800 kg (3,968 lb), the SF is capable of carrying a load of 250 kg (551 lb) and reaching depths of 100 meters (328 feet). The only downside people can find is the top speed, barely 5 knots (5.8 mph / 9.3 km / h), but if you think about the fact that at this speed you will be able to see local wildlife. , this is not so much of a disadvantage.

Another downside is the price of this vehicle. It’s going to cost you $ 2 million (1.7 million euros at current exchange rates) just to own it. But then again, if you already own a multi-million dollar superyacht, what else is two million dollars.

Now if you are in the market for something like this and end up buying a Sub from DeepFlight, you will have no problem controlling this delicious machine as DeepFlight will walk you through all the training needed to control the ship efficiently and safely.

Speaking of safety, if you happen to get behind the wheel and make a mistake during your trip, don’t panic as the SF is packed with a wide array of safety features. From fixed buoyancy and automatic return to the surface, to emergency flotation systems and dynamic self-righting, everything is in place to keep you and your belongings safe and able to navigate a boat. other day.

I call this puppy an asset because he really can be an asset, especially if you want to start an underwater touring business. Oh, and guess what, I’m not the only person who thought of this idea. This is one of the main reasons why DeepFlight took shape in the first place, to develop water-based ecotourism.

Want to know a little secret? Let’s say you want to get into one of these majestic vehicles. Well, you don’t even have to own one to do that. You can find several luxury resorts that allow you to do something like this.

If you ever find yourself on the manufacturer’s website, there’s a little button that reads DeepFlight Adventures. If you click this button, you will be transported to the site of a luxury hotel chain, the Four Seasons in the Maldives, where a room per night costs no less than $ 1,500 (€ 1,275 at the current exchange rate). ), according to the standards you choose.

Of course, you’ll have to spend a little more just to take a ride on a Super Falcon, but in the end, the whole experience, including the overnight stay, could cost you over $ 3,000 without a flight. Not bad considering that you will see the Maldives and explore the coral reefs, while they are still there. All the while, in a multi-million dollar personal submarine.

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