Coronavirus: disgruntled MIQ group fights in court


The Grounded Kiwis group has filed documents with Wellington’s High Court asking for an urgent judicial review of the isolation and quarantine system.

They allege COVID Response Minister Chris Hipkins, Health Minister Andrew Little and the head of MBIE all broke the law in the way they set up and managed the managed isolation and quarantine system ( MIQ).

The group is seeking a court order prohibiting the government from continuing to exploit MIQ in this manner.

Grounded Kiwis spokesperson and lawyer Alexandra Birt told Checkpoint it was not a decision they had taken lightly.

“But we believe that the courts play an important role in a democratic society in controlling the exercise of power by the government.”

She said one of the main problems in the lawsuit against the government is the failure to include alternatives in MIQ.

“There are people who are in the current lottery system looking to get places and in some cases very limited cases get them from places like Western Australia or Queensland where there are a lot of places. , very few cases of COVID.

“And these people are vaccinated, but there is currently no method in the system for these people to self-isolate at home, for example. These people are required to participate in the lottery and get a voucher for it. staying 14 days in a hotel, like everyone else. Essentially, that means the supply is still limited by people who potentially don’t need to use this form of system. “

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