Cincinnati is Vrbo’s trending destination for 2022 after also being one of Airbnb’s hottest markets, in Cincinnati News and Real Estate

Cincinnati is a popular destination in the vacation rental game.Photo: Hailey Bollinger

Of course, we know Cincinnati is a pretty impressive city. But a prime travel destination? Truly?

But that’s what a new report from vacation rental agency Vrbo says. Its annual trends report examines travel demand over a 12-month period to predict which destinations will be hot for the following year. The trips were … well, weird … in 2020 and 2021 due to the ongoing coronavirus pandemic, upsetting some previous predictions.

According to Vrbo’s 2022 Trend Report, which was released last week, Cincinnati is positioned to be the number one emerging vacation destination of 2022. Interest in the Queen City has increased 125% year over year previous, according to Vrbo, which the agency attributes to our “mix of outdoor recreation and urban tourist attractions” and proximity to Chicago, Indianapolis and Louisville.

A few more surprising cities are on the rise in 2022, Vrbo says. Behind Cincinnati, Yorktown, Virginia; Niagara Falls; Harrisburg, Pennsylvania; and Matanuska-Susitna, Alaska.

For its report, Vrbo also asked 1,000 families about their past and planned travel plans as uncertainty surrounding the pandemic persists (Vrbo does not indicate what its definition of “family” is or whether single travelers have played a role. role in the report).

Respondents cited cabins as accommodation of interest to them, especially near a lake or in the woods. Parents also say they are prepared to let the children skip school during the holidays, bring their pandemic pets with them, book accommodation two to three months earlier than usual, and many will continue to “work from home” on sites that are decidedly not “home”.

Read the insights from Vrbo in the report or read the full 2022 trend report.

But Cincinnati isn’t just trending on Vrbo – the premier city is booming on Airbnb as well.

Financial publication Market surveillance reports through its partnership with The escape house that Cincinnati is one of the top five most booked Airbnb markets in the United States, according to recent data. “The trend of travelers choosing to visit small towns and rural areas has created an abundance of opportunities for those interested in accommodation; from March 2020 to March 2021, new hosts with a single ad made over $ 1.2 billion, Airbnb estimates, “Danielle Hyams writes.

Vacation rental companies like Vrbo and Airbnb have been accused of driving up housing costs for renters and homebuyers, especially in recent years.

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