Check out Porsche’s very cool Overland roof tent for its sports cars and SUVs

The genius Porsche the Stuttgart engineers have found one more way to squeeze money out of their customers’ pockets. The sports car marque has found infamy with its options list. Most notably, the rear wiper costs a few hundred dollars on cars nearly $100,000. If you can think of it, there is a way to spend money on your Porsche. Colored seat belts, stitching, exterior text, engravings and a plethora of wheels are all the most basic options on the list. But for a long time, Porsche missed emerging trends online. Experiencing a recent explosion in popularity, the overland movement typically sees 4x4s converted into essentially mobile homes. Quite popularly, the original Cayenne model has undergone this treatment.

Jealous of this loss of potential revenue, Porsche is now introducing an overland-style roof tent for its most popular model, the 911. According to Porsche, “handy adventure gear turns the sports car into a hotel room for nature lovers”, encouraging their customers to use their vehicles in all possible ways Porsche continues to support its customers.

Porsche’s latest option lets its customers explore the great outdoors with this branded roof tent.

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What is the Overland trend?

With most of the world’s population now living in cities, getting away from nature is increasingly popular. When this desire collides with the competitiveness of social media, it gives birth to the earth movement. A subset of the off-road groups in the automotive, land community use heavily modified cars. It is most often 4×4. However, the occasional sports car is transformed into an off-road or dirt machine.

With rapid popularity, more and more people want to use their cars as one-stop outdoor exploration machines. To do this, these people need a lot of spare parts. Think lifestyle gear like kayaks and paddle boards. But also off-road equipment, such as bull bars, winches and spotlights. Let’s not forget the shelter either. These tents are usually mounted on the roof or built into the bed of a van.

Why buy the Porsche roof tent?

Porsche has long held usable supercar status. Specifically, this title belongs to the Porsche 911 Turbo S. However, other models in their range offer this spice while offering the advantages of the respective class. The roof tent not only supports the 911 but also Macan, Cayenne, Panamera and Taycan. Cayman and Boxster owners cannot use this tent, nor can GT, Convertible or Targa models. The tent fits the roof carrier systems of supported cars. Previously, these systems supported roof boxes, ski racks, etc. In other words, a way to allow Porsche customers to embrace all aspects of life, further strengthening their credentials as a supercar for daily driving and suitable for the harshest conditions.

Porsche says this roof tent will impact the handling characteristics of the model. More importantly, all vehicles equipped with this roof tent have a top speed of 130 km/h, or approximately 80 mph. Customers will therefore have to respect the speed limits with this roof tent mounted. Weighing in at 56kg, and all that added to the top of the car, it will also negatively impact the handling of a Porsche. But this option should by no means ruin a road trip as these cars are some of the most capable on the planet.

According to Porsche, in May they unveiled a concept for this option. Called the Porsche Travel Experience, Porsche took a few travel influencers on scenic trips with an orange and gray pre-production version of the tent. This was mounted on a Porsche Taycan Turismo. Exploring the Black Forest and the Rhine, this tent opens up some of the most rural parts of the world for Porsche owners to explore.

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What does the roof tent from Porsche include?

With the ever-increasing popularity of land-based builds, the Porsche tent has something to compete with. The tent has two side windows and a roof window. It’s all season and comfortably sleeps two. So while this may suit the tastes of the Macan and Panamera, it may be more suited to 911 buyers. compact. Like all Porsche products, the tent is well designed. With breathable cotton walls, minimal condensation should form overnight. Notably, for Porsche aficionados, the classic Porsche side font is printed on the side. As standard, the tent offers the same as many conventional tents, including windows that open for ventilation and a blackout liner for better sleeping quality.

Available in black and light gray or black and dark gray, customers can find the official Porsche tent to match their car’s aesthetic. It all costs €4,980, or just over $5,000, and will hit consumers for the first time in November this year. Never satisfied with the number of options a customer can specify, Porsche Tequipment will continue to offer other land accessories, including an inner tent, heated blanket and various organizational gear.

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