Chaitanya lives in 5-star hotel after separating from Samantha, report says


Samantha Ruth Prabhu and Naga Chaitanya were T Town’s most envied couple until days ago when the duo announced they were going their separate ways. The news shocked not only the film fraternity and close family friends, but also fans who were heartbroken upon learning of the breakup.

Ever since the two went public with their relationship followed by a fairytale wedding, fans have dubbed the couple as cute, adorable, and made for each other. Sam and Chay have also lent major couple goals to fans and industry peers by posting romantic messages for each other.

Unfortunately, something went wrong and there were problems in Heaven. While there has been a lot of talk about their relationship and someone being singled out as responsible for the breakup, here is some interesting information we came across that we thought we would share with our readers.

According to an article in a major daily in Kannada, Naga Chaitanya has not returned home since the couple announced their divorce. Chaitanya is said to have been living in a 5 star hotel in Hyderabad after announcing that he was separating from Samantha.

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It reminds us of a scene from one of Chai’s films. Director Shiva Nirvana starred both Samantha and Chaitanya. It was the first movie the couple starred in after getting married. The film was a great success. The film shows the hero spending time in a 5 star hotel where he last saw his beloved. Now, it seems that Chay is unable to get over the pain of his separation from Samantha. Is it the reason or something else?

Regardless, the news of Sam-Chay’s breakup definitely saddened fans. They still hope the two get back together.

Let’s see if a miracle happens.

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