inspires sustainable travel with GenZ star Shanaya Kapoor as next explorer

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Launches the second edition of the Booking Explorers campaign to celebrate the relentless spirit of travel.

INDIA – As travel comes back to life, now is the time for travelers to reconnect with the destinations, cultures, people and experiences they love. In an effort to inspire us all to rediscover ourselves and rekindle our wanderlust, launches the second edition of its award-winning Reservation Explorers campaign today and celebrates the adventurers and pioneers among us who have kept the spirit of travel alive, despite the struggles and disruptions we continue to face post-pandemic.

Through the Booking Explorers campaign, brings to life the compelling stories of 5 explorers across APAC, including the rising Bollywood actress Shanaya Kapoor, along with other travel personalities from Australia, South Korea, Vietnam and Japan. As part of the campaign, these APAC explorers share their travel stories and their desire to explore all things new and familiar, whether in their own backyards or in their home countries. Shanaya Kapoor, who is preparing for her acting debut, shares her love for India – its colorful cities and scenic countryside, its Instagram-worthy destinations and, most importantly, the need for responsible and sustainable travel among GenZ.

Through this year’s Explorers, continues to celebrate the relentless spirit of travel and their desire to continue to discover and explore all things new and familiar, whether in their own backyard or in their country. of origin. However, as much of the world seeks to travel again, we recognize the need for sustainability: avoiding single-use plastic and making smart and responsible choices when choosing stays, transforming how and where we travel in order to minimize our impact on destinations. we visit; and hope to leave our destinations greener than when we first arrived.

In addition to Shanaya, this year’s campaign features four new personalities across Asia-Pacific. Former Grand Finalist of MasterChef Australia, Simon Toohey takes us on a culinary adventure through Victoria, Australia. Multidisciplinary artist MY Q brings South Korea to life – from underground music scenes to contemporary art galleries. Nature lover lifestyle personality Tran Quang Dai advocates for sustainable living and travel as he takes us through Vietnam. And finally, the Japanese model Ai Tominagaa familiar face in haute couture, shares her love of tranquility, the beauty of nature and the countryside.

“We want to inspire travelers to Asia-Pacific through the rich stories of our explorers,” said Laura HouldsworthManaging Director for Asia-Pacific. “They invite us to deepen the curiosities and cultures of the countries they inhabit. I hope their stories inspire travelers around the world to open their hearts and minds to new experiences and put sustainability at the forefront of everything they do.

Shanaya Kapoor, the India Explorer for this campaign said: “I’m really excited to partner with and be part of the Booking Explorer campaign which celebrates the relentless spirit of travel in a more meaningful and responsible way. Personally, I love to travel and I think that as a young actor trying to work on my craft, there is no better acting school than traveling into the unknown, finding inspiration, entering new cultures, meeting new characters and learn new friends Even if you are not an actor but you know each other, you discover qualities about yourself, about your personality, you will always know something new while traveling and that is for me a great success.

With a mission to make it easier for everyone to experience the world, is committed to helping travelers rediscover the beauty of travel and reconnect with the experiences they love. Offering the widest choice, great value and the easiest experience for travelers to book their perfect place to stay, offers the means to travel from anywhere to any place. any device.

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