Boat Rentals Near 100% Reservation Capacity for Summit County Marinas

Weekend boaters may find it difficult to rent a boat in Summit County for the rest of the summer, as rentals are nearly 100% booked during the warmer months.
Liz Copan Archive/Summit Daily News

Rental boats are nearly 100% booked during the summer season in Summit County, according to a memo to Dillon town staff and a statement from Frisco Bay Marina general manager Logan Snyder.

“We deliver a product that I can be proud of for sure,” he said.

So far, he said, “It’s been going really well.”

A nearly 100% booking rate has been the status quo since the start of the COVID-19 pandemic, he said, when boating and other outdoor activities surged in popularity. Simpson said the peak season is from July to the end of August, around the time students return to school.

Frisco Bay Marina is experiencing similar demand, Snyder said. Rentals in Frisco are 100% booked for weekends and holidays all summer, he said, and that rate only drops to around 90% on weekdays.

With the exception of a few moments of strong winds and bad weather, most things are going well for marinas.

“We were able to overcome some extreme weather conditions,” Simpson said.

The town of Dillon and its marina sits at the “center of the bullseye” of Five Valleys, according to Simpson. Winds can come from many directions, with some major weather coming from the north.

In bad weather, Simpson said dock anchor cables can break, docks can move, gangways can go underwater and south and southwest winds can send big waves. directly on the marina. Last year, ice cream turned a walkway into a “taco,” Simpson reported.

A marina is unique in that everything is either on the water or in the water. It requires trained staff who can react to what comes their way, and Simpson said he has confidence in the abilities of his staff. Due to the threats, a team is dedicated to checking the cables every morning.

Currently, the Frisco Bay Marina is fully staffed to work weekdays from 9:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. Snyder added, however, that in an ideal scenario, the marina would be open daily from 8 a.m. to 8 p.m. If attempted now, he would only be considered endowed with 63%, he reported.

Dillon’s marina is also fully booked, and Simpson said the staff there are great. The marina is adequately staffed for its extended hours and for the end of the season when students leave for lessons. Despite the eventual success, he said there were concerns in the early spring over staffing levels at the marina.

“We were a little worried about that,” Simpson said. The city posted vacancies in April, he added, but people were applying later than normal. The whole process – from applying to submitting offers – had been delayed about two weeks later than normal.

Referring to Tuesday’s business session discussion of dual-use properties, Simpson said he was pleased that Dillon City Council was willing to have robust, solution-focused conversations about the city’s housing. workforce. As an employer, he says, this is what needs to happen. The service will suffer if sustainable accommodation cannot be created, he said.

The incentive programs Dillon has implemented in recent years have benefited the marina, he said. He cited incentives as one of the reasons the marina reached full strength this season. But, he says, fear is always what will happen next year. He hopes Dillon can maintain his staffing levels for years to come.

Denver Water follows the elevation of the reservoir surface. According to the latest Denver Water Report, under a normal scenario, Dillon Reservoir is expected to peak at 9,014.2 feet in June and drop to 8,995.6 feet in October. In a dry scenario, the reservoir would only reach 9,007.6 feet in June and drop to 8,996.1 feet in October. In a wet scenario, the reservoir could reach 9,017 feet in June and drop to 8,999.8 feet in October. Those numbers are up from preseason forecasts, Simpson said.

Currently, the reservoir is at about 95% capacity, reports Denver Water.

Although the water levels were below 100%, Simpson said he was confident his staff would “get through this season without a problem”.

He’s not as confident for next season.

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